I always like a project. Last year we came up with 2020 Instagram Challenge.  This was in December 2019 before the world turned upside down.  It involved picking four words (one for each week of the month) and posting a picture on Instagram of what that word meant to us that month. Some words and … Continue reading #2021wordchallenge

Instagram accounts I’m currently enjoying

My favorite current social media is Instagram.  I am pulled in by beautiful pictures, family shots and ideas.  I check out #hashtags which draws me further into a specific world.  That can be pictures of just London or beaches.  I'm quickly sighing and thinking should I add this to my list. Here are a few … Continue reading Instagram accounts I’m currently enjoying

Saturday at noon

  I'm looking at the calendar and well, I'm a bit in denial.  By the end of the week I will be flipping the calendar to a new month.  I have no idea where the first five months of the year went. Yeah, I know I did a few projects, read a few books and … Continue reading Saturday at noon

Have you heard of Link Tree?

I'm the first to admit I am behind the eight ball on social media, tools and resources.  That said, I just found out about  Link Tree  while I was taking Instagram Beta course. You know in our Instagram profile we have a space to put one link. It is usually to our blog. It shows … Continue reading Have you heard of Link Tree?

Instagram summer ! !

I was thinking of a summer post or tag. What do to..... I put it out there to a friend and she had a brilliant idea.  Thank you Wanda (over at A Wandafulthing).  Why not capture on Instagram (or a post) what is synonymous of summer for us. We can take pictures of what summer means to … Continue reading Instagram summer ! !

Instagram – enjoying these shots

Last year I posted on what Instagram accounts where catching my eye. Check out last year post. Since it has been over a year I thought I'd share some new accounts I've been ogling. Newfoundland and Labrador this is such a beautiful part of the world. I have had the privilege of seeing some of it and … Continue reading Instagram – enjoying these shots

Instagram Accounts I’m currently digging

I set up my Instagram account in the fall.  Above is one of my pictures on Instagram taken one morning from the bus stop.  I started an  Instagram challenge for 2017. Check it out.  I'm enjoying the pictures and posts and thought I'd share some of my current favorites.  I would love to hear in the … Continue reading Instagram Accounts I’m currently digging

What is currently inspiring me

We get inspiration from all around us.  I think the more we explore and push our boundaries the more inspired we will become.  Exploring new things exposes us to new ideas or a different way of thinking.  Here are a few things that are currently inspiring me. People creating I have always found inspiring.  There … Continue reading What is currently inspiring me

January blues – I think not !

I know a lot of people are having the January blues.  The holidays are over, the bills are in and for some of us the cold weather is here and settling in for a few months.  It was on social media that January 16th was the "bluest" day of the year.  It is also the … Continue reading January blues – I think not !

Instagram Challenge 2017 – a year in the life of……

I watched a video that Helen inbetween did on Instagram and gaining a following.  Instagram is something I have just recently gotten into (I know I am so behind the eight ball), so found it very informative. The part that resonated with me was creating a story.  Capturing your life through pictures and letting people see your … Continue reading Instagram Challenge 2017 – a year in the life of……