Have you heard of Link Tree?

I’m the first to admit I am behind the eight ball on social media, tools and resources.  That said, I just found out about  Link Tree  while I was taking Instagram Beta course.

You know in our Instagram profile we have a space to put one link. It is usually to our blog. It shows up in our profile and individuals tap and voila they are transported to our blog (or where ever). Great.

Link Tree  allows up to five links.  When I signed up I used my Instagram name as my user name.  When you check my Instagram profile you will see my link as linktr.ee/youcanstartnow.   Instead of  http://youcanalwaysstartnow.com

When you click this link it takes you to their site where you can have up to five links. So for example one link to blog, another to Pinterest  and Twitter accounts.  This still leaves you with two other random links to use!

The great thing is that we can have checklists, short stories, whatever as a link. You just have to make sure you save them in Google Drive as the link has to go to an HTML.

Once you sign in the page is user friendly and mostly copying and pasting the links. My biggest issue was saving documents to Google Drive.

Here is my Instagram.  Note the link at the end of the profile.  I’m still working on it so will be adding more links later.

Hope you check it out. I’m sure you all have more than one link to share or freebies to give.

You can always start now!



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