Instagram accounts I’m crushing on

Instagram started for me as eye candy. Now more and more businesses are advertising on it and doing live stories to promote their products. I have attended a live Instagram story where a lady presented her spring line of fun clothing. We could order right there and also there were free giveaway. That said I still head to Instagram for the pictures and to decompress.  I don’t look at anything and think why isn’t that me? Comparing is not something I do.  I do me and I hope you do you.  So here a few accounts I’ve been enjoying recently.

Creative Cups  It is exactly what it says.  Beautiful shots of cups. 

Snapdragon life A Scottish textile artist, write & gardener.

The Black Market  Local. They have colorful and neat stuff.

Evakalien Enjoy the abstract art

Earth Pix Bio says largest travel community on social media

Boho Tribe  Eye candy for me is décor.  I enjoy seeing how people create. This is a bit different for me.

Style at home Again décor.  I think more traditional than Boho above. Let me know what you think. 

Estelle Thomson Art If you want to follow colorful original art check her out.

If you have any Instagram accounts you enjoy please let us know in the comments so we can check them out. Always looking for new stuff!

You can always start now!


13 thoughts on “Instagram accounts I’m crushing on

  1. I mostly follow writer/reader accounts on Instagram, so it’s a lot of beauty shots of books and coffee cups. I still really haven’t gotten a handle on the old IG yet. Just a died-in-the-wool blogger, I think!


      1. Wanda Mulley

        I also enjoy Instagram and those are some great accounts you are following. I checked them all out and will continue to do so.


  2. The Cool Things 12

    This is great, I just started my Instagram and am looking for cool accounts to follow. I added some of these 🙂 check mine out @thecoolthings12 I like to think it’s cool 😄 I feel like it might be confusing because my “niche” is cool things, which is pretty much everything 🤷🏼‍♀️ lol let me know what you think


      1. The Cool Things 12

        Thanks, following you as well 🙂 I wonder if I have any of those frog stations around me 🤔


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