Creating a tribe – an experiment

Part two creating a tribe. Check out part one finding your tribe. We covered things like attending classes and putting yourself out there. Ideas for us to find our tribe – people who get us and are doing similar things to us. 

When I searched “creating a tribe” what came up was being authentic, stay relevant, build your tribe around your “why”, listen to what people want and create anticipation. All that was great – especially the being authentic which I feel is a given for just being you.  The thing was, for me, it seemed to be about creating a tribe to sell a product.  That isn’t the tribe I wanted to create or had in mind when I started this post. 

It was a tribe of people wanting to lift each other up. To feel part of a community. My idea for creating a tribe has nothing to sell and everything to share and build. How can that type of tribe be built?  The posts did mention being relevant and knowing your platform. Listening to what people wanted and responding in a timely manner. All stuff we should be doing period. Listen to understand is one of the 7 Habits.

So I thought I’d try to create a tribe real time and see what happens.  First off be authentic – yep I can do that. Relevant, well I hope so but kind of a fun thing so relevant if you want some escape. Listen, I will do my best and respond promptly also. Social platform going with Instagram as I currently don’t have it in me to do another Facebook group. Sorry. 

Our tribe is lifting people up. Cheerleading them to follow their dreams.  Tossing perfectionism out the door and just trying. Yep trying and learning and changing and doing it again. Enjoying the journey. As really that is all this is all about. Being part of something bigger. Somewhere we can pop in and ask a question, share what we know, what we are struggling with, what to take away and what to let go. That no question is too silly. That everyone deserves to be listened to.

I don’t want to use my Instagram account as I want this to be real time and see what happens to creating a tribe. A journey which is always a good thing. No expectations. No perfectionism. It is about putting yourself authentically and positively out there and seeing what energy is drawn in. So deep breath head to Let’s see what happens!

You can always start now!

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