A week of words

The days are getting longer and I can see indications of spring. Not just on the calendar. I have more energy and I want to tap into it in so many ways.

My word for the year is “realize”. I want to realize some items on my to do list. Projects old and new that I want to explore or finish. So many ideas are popping up in my head and I’m trying to capture them. This is one. A week of words.

I thought I’d challenge myself via an Instagram challenge for a week. My first thought was 30 days and I pulled back from that – I’ll start with a week. Each day for a week I’m going to put a word out there and write steam of consciousness of what comes up for me when I read that word. That means I’m not going to overthink it and maybe it won’t even make sense only to me.

My plan is to do my stream of consciousness in the comments. If anyone else wants to join it that would be fabulous. They can add their throughts in the comments or maybe journal about it privately. Whatever works for you. Below is my Instagram in case you want to join along.


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