Bring me happiness – realistic?

I find ideas for a blog posts in the neatest places.  This ones comes from a conversation with a friend at the library. We discussed being happy and how to get there.  A lot of people are saying  do things that bring you joy.  It makes sense. Right?  My friend's take (apologies now if I … Continue reading Bring me happiness – realistic?

There is life back there

This is a rant.  I’m wondering if anyone else is bothered by it or is it just me “making too much of something". I take public transit. For me that is the bus. On rainy days more people take the bus – they don’t want to get soaked walking say 15 - 20 minutes so … Continue reading There is life back there

What caught my eye from the past month

These monthly posts allow me to browse and play. I have to set aside time to check out crafts, decor and visit some of my go to blogs. I mean I have a post to do! This is work. So here is what caught my eye last month. Hope something catches yours. I like to … Continue reading What caught my eye from the past month

A year of challenges – newspapers

In case you're dropping by for the first time, I’m having a year of challenges. Each month I’m challenging myself in a different way. I have had a month of snail mail and another of not spending. This past month I was off social media / emails / texting for one day a week. The … Continue reading A year of challenges – newspapers

Mighty Ugly – not me the book !

I am a bit of a self-help junkie.  I wanted a book on creativity to get my juices flowing.  So did a search of my library and found Make it Mighty Ugly by Kim Piper Werker. Of course the title caught my eye! The book starts with identifying our "heroes". Or strengths. Things ranging from … Continue reading Mighty Ugly – not me the book !

Blog Battle – Shift

I'm back at Blog Battle this month. Click over to get all the details and check out other writers doing great stuff.  I am taking a page out Gary's Fiction is Food and continuing my story from last month's battle. Here is last month's entry and the beginning of the story.  Blog Battle March. Alice knocked … Continue reading Blog Battle – Shift

Inexpensive decor to shake things up for Spring

I thought it would be fun to check out inexpensive ideas to brighten up our spaces now that Spring is here.  All these items are under $40.00 Canadian (and US). Macrame hanging basket. I think would look pretty anywhere. This would add warmth to your area. Seagrass basket I  think it would hold a good size … Continue reading Inexpensive decor to shake things up for Spring

Soul Sunday – I did it

I question everything. Do I have the money? The time? The energy? So when Natalie showed me Soul Sunday I surprised myself and wham signed up right there and then. That is big for me. We had a great day. I felt energized and it got me thinking. It started with yoga. Good stretch and … Continue reading Soul Sunday – I did it

Stream of Consciousness Saturday “lip”

It has been a while since I pulled myself together to participate in Stream of Consciousness Saturday. It is where Linda gives us a word and we just write. No over thinking. No making an outline. Just WRITE. Hence stream of consciousness!!  Head over to check out all the details and the other participants.  The prompt … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday “lip”

A year of challenges – detox

If you are just visiting for the first time here is a fast recap. I decided to challenge myself in 2019.  To shake things up a bit.  So each month I'm doing a different challenge (no spending and snail mail are two I have already completed). Last month it was snail mail. To mail a … Continue reading A year of challenges – detox