Setting an intention

This past year I have done SHE Quest.  It is a membership program and a community for women to explore, move forward and be bold, whole and live on your own terms.  We set a word or intention for 2020.  My word was fierce.  We created an oracle card and image of our word (see … Continue reading Setting an intention

What caught my eye in the past month

We are rolling into my favorite time of year. Fall.  The days are warm. The nights cooler for sleeping. Plus having had a humid summer at times, I'm definitely ready for that to be over.  The following is what caught my eye in the past month! Hope something catches yours! If you follow me you … Continue reading What caught my eye in the past month

Just by accident I have a post! Oh and a challenge

I am fortunate enough to have the central library and public gardens within walking distance of work.  It is easy to get to both and enjoy on my lunch hour.  A few weeks ago I treated myself to an ice coffee during McDonald's dollar drinks.   It was beautiful out so I headed up the street … Continue reading Just by accident I have a post! Oh and a challenge

My back in time creative leap

Two weeks ago I challenge myself to a creative leap.  This post will fill in some background.  Fast summary to go back in time and describe a place and/or experience.. April six years ago I met my sister in Arizona.  We live on opposite coasts in Canada. Four hour time difference so even talking on the … Continue reading My back in time creative leap

When should you pull back?

Blogging is a community I fell into and now can't think of living without. Both other bloggers and readers interacting with each other in a positive, supportive fashion. Love it. So  as I struggle with something I wanted to put it out there and see what the greater community thinks.  Two or more heads are … Continue reading When should you pull back?

Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Pro/Con

It has been a while since I participated in Stream of Consciousness Saturday.  Head over and get all the details!  Fast summary - just write, don't overthink what the prompt means to you. I thought during the pandemic I would be writing and blogging more but that wasn't the case.  I'm determined to end the year … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Pro/Con

Getting back into the habit – a few challenges

I thought I'd be writing more fiction and blogging during the pandemic.  I mean, I was home more so..... but it didn't happen.  I did a paint-by-numbers for a friend, re-read books from my bookcase, listened to podcasts and watched Netflix.  Motivation, lack of it, came into play. I want to end the year strong … Continue reading Getting back into the habit – a few challenges

Creative Leap – Back in Time

At the beginning of the year I decided to try something new.  Check this post for the start of the journey. Think back to a time and place that captured your attention.  Describe it.  The weather, smells, colours, maybe the reason you were there.  What made it special?  If you close your eyes can you conjure … Continue reading Creative Leap – Back in Time

What caught my eye in the past month

It is the long weekend in August.  Holiday Monday for me to enjoy.  Here are a few things that caught my eye in the past month.  I enjoy these posts as positive and fun.  Hope something catches yours! This caught my eye as I have popcorn ceilings and know what a mess they would be … Continue reading What caught my eye in the past month

Just doing it! Checking a box

2020  has been surreal. I had high hopes for the year. Then the world went to crap and wham we're in self isolation.  I continued working during the pandemic so that routine didn't change.  It was more staying at home once I walked through the door. I enjoy my time at home. Alone.  The biggest … Continue reading Just doing it! Checking a box