Instagram Challenge – are you in!!

I was sitting at the library recently and looking around when an idea popped into my head. The view of where I am sitting. I often snap a picture for my sister of where I’m sitting/looking at and send. So I guess I just want to broaden it.

I’m not going to overthink think just snap random pictures while I’m sitting at what I am seeing. Easy. Looking at a few hashtags like: #sittingviews #viewwhilesitting #whatiamseeing

Really I don’t know. Most of the hashtags have at least a few pictures already. If you can think of an catchy one drop it in the comments. I was thinking at starting for July and August. Something fun people can snap and post. Plus we could see what each other are doing for a few months.

So let me know what you think. Or if you have any challenges we could all pile on and do! Drop a comment!

You can always start now

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