Instagram accounts I’m currently enjoying

My favorite current social media is Instagram.  I am pulled in by beautiful pictures, family shots and ideas.  I check out #hashtags which draws me further into a specific world.  That can be pictures of just London or beaches.  I’m quickly sighing and thinking should I add this to my list.

Here are a few that I have stumbled into and why.

Travel World Addiction pictures are incredible. The best part is that they are from all over the world from Europe to Japan.  City to country. Castles to beaches.  I was drawn in because they were not country specific. Account so worth checking out.

If you have been following me you will know my eye candy is interior design. I love to see how people incorporate warmth, nature, colour and personal items into their space.  Some of these interiors I don’t love but I do appreciate people making a space their own.

I like to do crafts – I’m not great at it – but there is something about working with my hands and being in the zone for whatever amount of time it takes to complete the project. I came across Claudia Dudus and she had a nice variety of projects. Check out the plastic spoons!

The Best of the Netherlands is more personal as my sister and I took a River Boat Cruise in June starting in Amsterdam for a few days.  We enjoyed the city and the cruise.  So when I found the account I had to follow it for memories alone!

A girl and her passport I have been following for a while.  We were both in a Facebook group together so found her there.  She has a variety of places around the world in her feed. Plus street art which I really enjoy also.

So these are just a few accounts I enjoyed.  I would love to hear from you Instagram accounts you are currently crushing on!

You can always start now!




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