Saturday at noon


I’m looking at the calendar and well, I’m a bit in denial.  By the end of the week I will be flipping the calendar to a new month.  I have no idea where the first five months of the year went.

Yeah, I know I did a few projects, read a few books and had a good time but still WHAT!  We had a good winter and a lousy spring. Spring has been cold and damp so far. We made up for not having a lot of snow with a ton of rain in April and May. This might be too much information but I’m still wearing my winter jacket well into May.  Yup.

So I decided to start a new project.  Something fun and that will capture what I’m up to.  I’m going to take a picture Saturday at noon of what I am looking at, doing, making or whatever.  #saturdayatnoon and post on Instagram.

It would be great if anyone wanted to join in.  It would be fun to look at what we are up to Saturday at noon.  I’m starting this Saturday. As first of the month so makes sense.  Hope to see you Saturday at noon!!

You can always start now!


24 thoughts on “Saturday at noon

  1. Looking forward to checking in on Saturday at noon! I’ll probably be eating leftovers on my deck. But we’ll see! I could be riding in a chariot to meet a fairy godmother. Never can tell xoxo


  2. I really like this idea, I try and do a picture a day at the moment, something that has made me happy that day and it’s such a great way to record the things I’ve done each day. I’ve beeb doing it for nearly 5 years and it really makes me appreciate life x


  3. I just started an occasional series called “Six Shot Saturday” – 6 photos that have something in common…only have done one so far, but had fun doing it…I will think of you as I’m working on it on Saturday!


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