I had a five-year diary when I was growing up. It was blue with a small (useless) lock. You could at most write one a sentence a each day for five years. I wrote in that diary pretty faithfully for five years. After I finished it I don’t remember another diary. But I so remember that turquoise diary with the gold lock.

As an adult I don’t have a diary/journal per say but I have always written down my thoughts and ideas. Journaling as an adult as often helped me see the bigger picture. Getting thoughts out of my head and onto the page.

To keep writing moving the pen across the page. Putting my feelings, worries and problems down. Should I? Could I? At times the pen has led me to a clear answer. The thing is you have to keep writing past the point you want to stop or think you should. It is after that point sometimes the magic happens.

Journaling prompts are a good way to get started. It can be intimidating looking at a blank page. With a journaling prompt you have a question to answer. A starting place. Journaling leads to insights. I have experienced it – thoughts appear and I get clarity.

This blog is about me pivoting. From capturing what I’m doing, reading, opinions and rants to journaling. It is a way for me to journal on a more regular basis. I’m gathering prompts from books, other bloggers and anywhere I can. Or just journal at what I’m currently experiencing.

I’m not going to over think my answers so they might not be pretty, but they will be me. Stream of consciousness just write and yes maybe go down a rabbit hole. As journaling can take us places we might not want to go and give us answers we might not be ready to see.

I hope you join me on this journey. That the prompts challenge and excite you. To maybe give you the push you need. Also if you have a journal prompt drop it in the comments.

Deep breath as I head down my new rabbit hole.

ย Act as if it were impossible to fail

Stop thinking about fear, โ€œwhat ifโ€ and negativity

Contact: ย  youcanalwaysstartnow@gmail.com

76 thoughts on “About

  1. Think. Write. Inspire. says:

    I love your energy and the intention behind your blog. Seems to me you have found something that brings you a lot of joy.


    1. Amelia says:

      Love your tag line fulfil life through love not fear. I think fear and perfectionism can hold us back on so many dreams. I am a work in progress but hope as I go along my journey others might tag along and try something new or just push through something. Thanks for stopping by and commenting.


    1. Amelia says:

      It was too funny. I really was like WHAT! As you have no idea what I typed into that space thinking it was for a password! Now blogging is something I enjoy and love the community.


      1. Amelia says:

        No. I have dark brown messy hair. It was one of my better mistakes as I so enjoy blogging and has lead me to much a supportive community (you being one!).


  2. amelia says:

    Iโ€™ve read many of your posts but never your about page. Which makes me sad but Iโ€™m so glad Iโ€™ve read it now! I love it!


    1. Amelia says:

      Thank you. I have to get better at reading About pages myself. I know a few people that is where they start. Thank you for stopping by and I imagine will be touching base later in week as seems like always something going on! Love it.


    1. Amelia says:

      Thank you. It was been a positive journey. One of the biggest thing is self confidence in other areas. I should have said before – reason I used my About Page in the Facebook post was to have a picture until I figure out why header not appearing.


      1. ellenbest24 says:

        I take it you have pressed the header as if to change it and find the pic again and reload it. Mine went when I tried cleaning my media file on my blog, two of everything … I will delete the duplicates.! Bad move it stole them from my posts too. We learn the hard way, or I do.


      2. Amelia says:

        I feel like I have to learn the hard way for everything. I just think that it you are using the theme header that would be the one that works. Sigh. Should make my own. We are all in this together.


  3. Anindya says:

    It was great to read about blog start Amelia……it’s the start we all sometimes get a little apprehensive about, but once the initial jitters are gone, there’s no stopping back…..and that’s where your blog is now ๐Ÿ™‚


  4. Jyoti says:

    What a cool story, Amelia!
    Arenโ€™t we all accidental bloggers?
    I surely am. But now itโ€™s such an essential part of me… maybe more that it should be ๐Ÿ™‚
    Iโ€™m loving the ride and I surely will forever.


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      I have been blogging for over four (at least). Just About Page said totally accident but now love it. Feel part of a community and bloggers are so supportive and encouraging. How are you finding it? Check out Sharing Inspiring Promoting Bloggers Facebook page.


      1. msomerville2014 says:

        I am loving it. I am still working part time so I try to divide my time. Spending Mondays and Tuesdays reading, writing and editing. Trying to just post every other week on the parties and gatherings, trying to post on my page once or twice a week, but in the meantime I have to act like family and continue to earn a living. Thanks.


      2. You Can Always Start Now says:

        Yes blogging has added a lot to my life. Community being major one. I work full-time so I know what you mean squeezing everything in a day. My goal is post every Monday. Plus my creative leap first Wednesday and tell that two weeks later. At least busy keeps me focused.

        Liked by 1 person

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