Weekly journaling – week 52

I can’t believe I am on the last week of my year-long creative calendar.  Some prompts were easy, some made me think and question and others were just plan hard. A few I was unsure whether or not I even wanted to share.

Hope you enjoyed the year of prompts. I knew as soon as I saw the calendar I had to do it.  So to the end of 2018 and into 2019.

Dec 24   All the ways I’ve been good this year – nice list

  • supporting and listening to friends
  • helping neighbors
  • keeping commitments

Dec 25   Three things I’m most grateful for in this life:

  1. Ability to make choices
  2. People that support and encourage me
  3. Being Canadian

Dec 26   Of all the cheeky fun I’ve had this year – naughty list

  • Saturday afternoons in various pubs around the city
  • Christmas craft night at the Foggy Goggle
  • Wine tour this summer

Dec 27  What’s in my brain right now….what I wish was in my brain right now.  Right now that I have to go back to work next week.  What I wish was in my brain right now was that I had another week off!

Dec 28  These are a few of my favorite things:

Y is for you.  All of you and your support and encouragement this past year.

Z is for Zebra.  No idea why. Likely because having a hard time thinking of a Z word!  But they are lovely.

December 29/30 2018 A Year of First

  • My first time on a rowing machine
  • My first visit to the Apothecary Cafe and Bakery
  • My first time to try various wines made in my own province (wine tour)

Dec 31   Three things I’m thankful for today

  1. Sunshine
  2. I didn’t have to set the alarm
  3. Just scheduled my post for next week

Thanks for coming along on this year-long journey with me.  Hmm…. now what can we get up to in 2019?

You can always start now!



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