What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

Self disclosure: you will see Christmas in the following post as…..that is what caught my eye last month.  Being December and all.  Hope you all had a lovely holiday and something below catches your eye.

Studio DIY has the cutest wooden Christmas trees.  Maybe if we start now we can have a forest for next year.

Christine Leech's pom pom wreath

Okay, yes this is a Christmas post but seriously you could have this wreath out for other occasions.  Check out Mollie Makes for all the details and other crafts.

Ingrid Madison Ave shows us some mind hacks we can start for 2019. Get the year going on the right foot.

This caught my eye as I am constantly thinking about ways to change up my space. Apartment Therapy shows 10 layout for a living room.  I’d be interested in knowing what layout appeals to you and why in the comments.

Okay this is the last Christmas post.  This was eye candy for me.  Check out Daily Dream Decor for a light and fresh Scandinavian decor over the holidays.  If you are past looking at Christmas trees just appreciate the rest of the place!  PS I deliberately didn’t pick the living room (which I love) with the Christmas tree for you!!!

I love finding new podcasts so this was a treat.  I have listened to Serial and am currently reading Louise Penny mystery series set in Canada.  Modern Mrs Darcy gives us her favorite podcast for 2018.

You can always start now!


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