I’m doing nothing. Yep, I’m busy.

I am reading Big Dreams Daily Joys by Elise Blaha Cripe and had to share something she wrote about.  I'm not even half way through the book and I'm nodding, taken back and enjoying! "Remember that nothing is still a thing."  She writes that people interpret doing nothing as you are free to do something.  … Continue reading I’m doing nothing. Yep, I’m busy.

Response creative leap 1

If you are visiting for the first time head over to  creative leap prompt. This will give you some history around this post and hopefully encourage you to join in. Basically I'm challanging myself to different creative prompts each month. This is my first response using the picture above. It was a dream come true … Continue reading Response creative leap 1

Change of seasons – embrace it

I'm still in my winter mode  - snow on the ground, winter boots, cords and sweaters out.  I enjoy the change of seasons and with each one have different interests and of course projects.   Winter for me has always been about nesting.  I pull my cross stitch out that I haven't worked on all summer and … Continue reading Change of seasons – embrace it

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day ! Since starting my blog I feel a part of a community of women (majority not all - you men are great also). There is sharing, support and encouragement in blogging.  Connecting on Facebook groups to share each other's posts and lead us to each other's sites.  All questions are answered … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day

Chakra Society – Creative Leap #1

FIrst creative leap for the Charka Society.  If anything this will have me posting more and focused on being present looking for ideas.  If you are reading this post as a stand alone head over to stepping into the arena part 1.  That will explain a bit of where I am coming from and going. … Continue reading Chakra Society – Creative Leap #1

What caught my eye in the past month

Leap year! Well I don't think that extra day in February made much of a difference for me. I still feel behind the eight ball.  That said, below is what did catch my eye in the past month! I feel plants add to a home.  Not only better air quality but greenery.  When I look … Continue reading What caught my eye in the past month

Chakra Society – Part Two

I posted stepping into the arena part 1 that I was starting a new creative journey. That lead me to thinking of a name for this journey.  Something catchy and hopefully that would resonate with people. I wanted it to be along the lines of creativity.  Creative Circle?  Making it? These and a few more names … Continue reading Chakra Society – Part Two

Stepping into the arena – Part 1

New year new decade.  My word for 2020 is fierce.  I'm determined to pull my word out when I am doubting myself.  My doubt often comes into play when I have an idea. You know, oh that has already been done. It is not ready, I can't pull that off.  I am sure you can … Continue reading Stepping into the arena – Part 1

Random Acts of Kindness Day

February 17th is Random Acts of Kindness Day.  I want to acknowledge this day.  Part of me is saying yeah a day people will get out there and seize opportunities for acts of kindness.  The other part of me is - seriously? We need a day for this? A smile at a stranger, holding the door … Continue reading Random Acts of Kindness Day

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

Linda G Hill  gives us a prompt every Friday for stream of consciousness Saturday.  Check her out for all the details. Fast summary you write. Don't overthink. Just write what the prompt says to you.  Done. I am a work in progress on a lot of things.  When I read the prompt "un/pack" my first thought … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday