Stepping into the arena – Part 1

New year new decade.  My word for 2020 is fierce.  I'm determined to pull my word out when I am doubting myself.  My doubt often comes into play when I have an idea. You know, oh that has already been done. It is not ready, I can't pull that off.  I am sure you can … Continue reading Stepping into the arena – Part 1

ABC Year follow-up

When a friend mentioned doing an ABC year in January I was in on the spot.  I love making lists, so yeah I'm in.  The "rules" are using the alphabet try, do, eat, explore, see, you get the idea, something that you have never experienced before. It has been a blast.  I'm more aware of … Continue reading ABC Year follow-up

Soul Sunday – I did it

I question everything. Do I have the money? The time? The energy? So when Natalie showed me Soul Sunday I surprised myself and wham signed up right there and then. That is big for me. We had a great day. I felt energized and it got me thinking. It started with yoga. Good stretch and … Continue reading Soul Sunday – I did it

My alphabet year !

I've been very fortunate in my life to meet great people at the bus stop.  Some are “bus stop friends” where we catch up at the bus stop or sitting on the bus on the way home.  Others I can now call friends away from the bus stop. We know each other’s birthdays. We celebrate … Continue reading My alphabet year !

A year of challenges – this month self-care

I’ve been thinking about posts for 2019.  I’m seeing challenges on various blogs from no shopping, more reading and less eating variety.  I’m not someone who likes to set a total ban on my activities.  So I’m going to challenge myself and hopefully you to something different. A monthly challenge broken down weekly.  I’ll report … Continue reading A year of challenges – this month self-care

7 Day Creative Challenge

I found this challenge on Pinterest and decided to tackle it  Check out Chapter Friday for all the details on this 7 day creative challenge. Day 1 for me was easy.  It was walking.  Well, half the year I walk back and forth to work (just under 5 K) so already in my schedule.  I don't like … Continue reading 7 Day Creative Challenge

Writespiration 52 weeks in 52 words

This is my month of challenges.  Check out Sacha Black writespiration 120 - 52-weeks-in-52-words week 24/ it is unique in that each week she gives a writing prompt and you only have 52 words to express yourself. This week's prompt is "the blood curdling phone call in the middle of the night".  Here it goes. I have … Continue reading Writespiration 52 weeks in 52 words

One-liner Wednesday – back to the future !

I decided to challenge myself this month by participating in blog challenges (see my challenge post here). Linda G Hill Life in progress has a few - check them out.  This week I am doing One-line Wednesday with Linda and other creatives.  Head over to Linda G Hill Life in progress for the whole scope.  Here it goes. … Continue reading One-liner Wednesday – back to the future !

Idea for moving forward with…….

I listened to a podcast over at me and Orla with Xanthe Berkeley.  They discussed creativity and how we often set ourselves up to fail and how to combat that. We often compare ourselves to someone already established. Not taking into account that they might have spent years as a beginner practicing their art.  The only person … Continue reading Idea for moving forward with…….

A different kind of monthly challenge – creative prompts

This is my sixth month of a different kind of monthly challenge. Half way through the year! Check the links at the end of the post for previous monthly challenges. Last month I challenged myself to send 2-5 items of snail mail. I have a box of cards so I dug into that and had … Continue reading A different kind of monthly challenge – creative prompts