Weekly journaling – week 52

I can't believe I am on the last week of my year-long creative calendar.  Some prompts were easy, some made me think and question and others were just plan hard. A few I was unsure whether or not I even wanted to share. Hope you enjoyed the year of prompts. I knew as soon as … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 52

Weekly journaling – week 51

Dec 17   Nicknames and pet names I've been called.  My name isn't one that I thought could be shortened.  It is two syllables.  It wasn't until I was working that co-workers actually found a way to lob off the last syllable.  Well done ladies. Dec 18   The fictional character I most relate to. I'm not … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 51

Weekly journaling – week 48

Nov 26   A new skill I learned this week.   How to….. I don't think I learned a new skill this week.  I was busy writing for NaNo as deadline to validate was Friday.  I was also in denial that December 1st was Saturday. Nov 27   A new holiday I would like to introduce is self-awareness … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 48

Weekly journaling – week 47

Nov 19   My special collection on.  Of course this would be books. I have two bookcases in my bedroom. Besides books I have one shelf of angels I have collected over the years. Nov 20   A little gift for myself. This would be to head to a coffee shop and sit and write. Oh and … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 47

Weekly journaling – week 46

Nov 12  Three things I'm thankful for today: It is a holiday Monday for me so didn't have to set the alarm last night Caught up with some housework Unexpected supper with a friend Nov 13  A big decision I’m trying to make. What my head is telling me is to explore it further. What … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 46

Weekly journaling – week 43

October 22   Wish upon a star. That time would slow down. October 23   What I am most pedantic about.  Young people on transit sitting in seats reserved for seniors or people with a disability and NOT moving when these individuals get on the bus. October 24   Good feelings bottled up.  Being able to come home … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 43

Weekly journaling – week 42

October 15  The place I go to cheer myself up.  This would be the central library. It has great natural light as glass walls on two sides. October 16  The remedy for a stressful day: walking home after work curling up with a book for a few minutes before getting supper watching Netflix (hopefully I … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 42

Weekly journaling – week 27

July 2  A new hobby I’d like to try would be archery. I'm just not sure I have the strength to pull the arrow back with any type of control. July 3   Scent of the day is salt water or the ocean. It is hot and humid today so I could do with that scent … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 27