Weekly journaling – week 52

I can't believe I am on the last week of my year-long creative calendar.  Some prompts were easy, some made me think and question and others were just plan hard. A few I was unsure whether or not I even wanted to share. Hope you enjoyed the year of prompts. I knew as soon as … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 52

Weekly journaling – week 51

Dec 17   Nicknames and pet names I've been called.  My name isn't one that I thought could be shortened.  It is two syllables.  It wasn't until I was working that co-workers actually found a way to lob off the last syllable.  Well done ladies. Dec 18   The fictional character I most relate to. I'm not … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 51

Weekly journaling – week 50

Dec 10   It is Human Rights Day.  5 basic human rights I’m grateful to have. Right to freedom of opinion and expression Right to vote Right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association Right for equal pay for equal work For me it is the right to health care Dec 11   A piece of art … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 50

Weekly journaling – week 49

  Dec 3   The donut of my dreams (glaze and toppings). A Boston cream. I like the custard inside with the chocolate on the top. Dec 4  6 things I love about myself: My curiosity Being happy being alone That I can still run for the bus Low maintenance hair (or maybe I don't care.) … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 49

Weekly journaling – week 47

Nov 19   My special collection on.  Of course this would be books. I have two bookcases in my bedroom. Besides books I have one shelf of angels I have collected over the years. Nov 20   A little gift for myself. This would be to head to a coffee shop and sit and write. Oh and … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 47

Weekly journaling – week 46

Nov 12  Three things I'm thankful for today: It is a holiday Monday for me so didn't have to set the alarm last night Caught up with some housework Unexpected supper with a friend Nov 13  A big decision I’m trying to make. What my head is telling me is to explore it further. What … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 46

Weekly journaling – week 45

  Nov 5  What I am saving up for is hopefully a trip with my sister. Nov 6  The sounds I can hear right now. White noise. The ventilation system working. Boring I know.  But I have to say it beats the drilling taking place upstairs for a renovation. Non 7  Things I never get … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 45

Weekly journaling – week 44

October 29  Anything interesting I can see out the window.  I was off today so out my bedroom window  I can see trees. Their leaves are mostly yellow now and the majority are on the ground.  My desk is in a corner so I just have to barely turn my head left to see out … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 44

Weekly journaling – week 41

October 8   A cute message on my phone. Picture and write-up of tweet that says "what do you think of this scenario? Do unmarried adults (without kids) get short-changed in the gift department?" Me:  honestly we could write this @#&*. Reason why this is funny as years ago we talked about this scenario.  If you … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 41

Weekly journaling – week 39

Sept 24  Finding balance in my life:  Move my body this would be walking or yoga.  Relax my body is reading and also walking. Sept 25   Good feelings bottled up (someone telling me) that they value my honesty in our friendship. FYI if you are my friend don't ask me something unless you honestly want … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 39