Simple things – Scarf, Table and Runner

I was cleaning out a drawer and off to the side were scarves.  They got dumped on the floor to be sorted with the sweaters and t-shirts.  While I was folding them I thought pretty colors. It is a shame I don't use them.  Hmmm.... That thought lead me to the dining room table and … Continue reading Simple things – Scarf, Table and Runner

Simple Things – easy headbands

I enjoy doing crafts. I'm not great at it, but there is something about using my hands and creating that brings me joy. I think it is getting into the flow or moment and nothing else matter. I grew up with a mother who could turn her hand at ANYTHING. Seriously. There was always yarn, … Continue reading Simple Things – easy headbands

Simple Things – no sew slip covers

I grew up with a mother who could turn her hand at anything. I have doilies, mittens and a beautiful crochet tablecloth for starters. FYI I'm not as handy. I also have her chrome and linoleum kitchen table and chair set. Currently I'm using the table as my desk. The chairs needed to be recovered. … Continue reading Simple Things – no sew slip covers

Painting Dot Mandalas

I like to do crafts. There has always been a sort of zen time for me when crafting. Being in the moment and just creating. I'm usually never tied to the end results as I know it won't be perfect and frankly perfectionism can be a creativity killer. So when a friend suggested we try … Continue reading Painting Dot Mandalas

Framing an odd size print

I brought three cards last year in Ireland.  They were 8 1/2 x 5 3/4 inches. So, needless to say, not your standard size.  I didn't want to pay a fortune for framing so had the sizes written down in pursue and some times even the cards. For months I mulled over how to frame … Continue reading Framing an odd size print

Summer wreath – a twist

We are finally having a run of summer weather on the east coast.  After a brutal winter and a non-existent spring the warmer weather is much appreciated! Wanda and I decided to do inexpensive summer wreaths for Love The Home You Have challenge "welcome home".   I live in a condo/apartment so my front door opens up into a … Continue reading Summer wreath – a twist

Original art????

I am not a DIY person by any means but I do like to use my hands and create.  When I am crafting or writing it is like a Zen moment.  I enjoy the process, regardless of the results, and it is definitely time spent in the moment.  So I'm always looking for the next fun thing … Continue reading Original art????