Simple Things – no sew slip covers

I grew up with a mother who could turn her hand at anything. I have doilies, mittens and a beautiful crochet tablecloth for starters. FYI I’m not as handy.

I also have her chrome and linoleum kitchen table and chair set. Currently I’m using the table as my desk. The chairs needed to be recovered.


I found the above pillow case at the Dollar Plus store. They were the right width for what I needed. I don’t have a sewing machine. I do have a seam ripper. I opened the opening where the zipper is straight across the width of the fabric.

Done. Once I had the opening I just slipped it on the chair. No sewing required. These are not the chrome chairs as I decided to go for a different look. But they are easy no sew slip covers.


So check out pillow cases for easy slip covers. Just remember to make sure you measure a bit extra for when you pull them over the chair.

You can always start now!


21 thoughts on “Simple Things – no sew slip covers

    1. Amelia says:

      Had my mother’s sewing machine but it finally hit the dust. A seam ripper should be considered the same as a hammer we should all have one!! Thanks for the visit!


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