Painting Dot Mandalas

I like to do crafts. There has always been a sort of zen time for me when crafting. Being in the moment and just creating. I’m usually never tied to the end results as I know it won’t be perfect and frankly perfectionism can be a creativity killer.

So when a friend suggested we try painting dot mandala. Well, why not? Something new and a visit at the same time. The instructor brought all the supplies and there were 8 of us at the table. The paint was acrylic that you can get at craft stores of Dollar Plus stores.

The majority of us used two sized glue sticks and pins for our dots. Paint, dab, circle, wipe.  We all did the same design as easier for the instructor.

I think they all turned out fantastic. It was a neat craft to do as a group around a table. I found some YouTube videos as I’m not reinventing the wheel when other people have done such a great job.

Mandala dot art painting

How to paint dot mandalas using Qtip and pencil

I am definitely going to try this at home as already have the paint and the canvas is easy to pick up. You could use your accent colors and I think propped up on a bookcase or anywhere would be a nice splash of color.

You can always start now!



20 thoughts on “Painting Dot Mandalas

    • Amelia says:

      Definitely to the post. I have supplies to try another one dining room table. Want to try the one that starts in the corner and don’t have a square canvass.


    • Amelia says:

      Check out the video where she starts in the corner and works across the canvass. I didn’t have a square canvass so my circle wasn’t as neat but starting in the corner was easier as you are working the whole canvass. Does that make sense? Anyways worth trying as pretty and fun.


    • Amelia says:

      Worth trying as I’m sure the majority of us have pins, pencils and glue sticks around. Love it when I find a project that doesn’t need a lot of investment.


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