Simple things – Scarf, Table and Runner

I was cleaning out a drawer and off to the side were scarves.  They got dumped on the floor to be sorted with the sweaters and t-shirts.  While I was folding them I thought pretty colors. It is a shame I don’t use them.  Hmmm….

That thought lead me to the dining room table and laying the scarves out as runners.  Yep runners.  Why not? They are pretty and they can be folded to various sizes. If I’m in desperate need of them I wipe them off the table. No big deal.

Such a simple idea for a splash of color.  No money spent, not a lot of time (maybe ironing!!) and now a new look.  Try looking at items you have around your home for difficult possibilities. Think outside the box.  Definitely check out your scarves and see how they would look as runners.

You can always start now!





18 thoughts on “Simple things – Scarf, Table and Runner

  1. Inspired as I was by your post I tried repurposing some beautiful but too small knickers. Do not gasp in disgust a small bust and bigger bottom mean sets of underwear are often a good for on top but are left unworn while I try to loose my saddlebags in hopes of them fitting. Hence failed weight-loss and a box of unworn skimpies. I tried them as table mats against a white cloth. Pretty but not practical as a hot plate soon shrivled the lace. I pulled them over small scatter cushions to brighten the bed … disgusted the husband pulled them off. At last I found a use … We (grandchildren and me) had a pants party and wore them as hats. A giggle borne from your post. 😂😘😂


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