Summer wreath – a twist

We are finally having a run of summer weather on the east coast.  After a brutal winter and a non-existent spring the warmer weather is much appreciated!

Wanda and I decided to do inexpensive summer wreaths for Love The Home You Have challenge “welcome home”.   I live in a condo/apartment so my front door opens up into a hallway so no natural light. Sigh.  Does face south-west so great exposure once through the front  door.

I wanted to use flip-flops for the wreath as have seen so many creative ones on Pinterest.  I looked for a wreath but couldn’t find one realizable priced, but I did find a picture frame at goodwill.  So I removed the glass and decided to go with that.  I had used a picture frame for a Christmas wreath for my front door which I saw on Pinterest in the fall.  The other items I purchased at the buck or two store.

Check out Wanda’s wreath at (we didn’t compare wreaths before we made them and are 5000 miles apart note the similarity?).

Have a look – not bad for a “non-DIYer”.   Rethink picture frames for wreaths, as you can usually pick them up at goodwill and if in rough shape they are easily painted.


8 thoughts on “Summer wreath – a twist

  1. What a cute idea. I never thought to use frames as wreaths before, but this is perfect for the summertime. One comment about the link though. I tried to check out Wanda’s version but your link brings me to the front page of the blog not to the page with the wreath on it. 😦


  2. josypheen

    I love how bright and cheerful it is!

    Enjoy the sunnier weather this year too, it really does make the world friendlier doesn’t it!! ❤


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