Simple things – Transplanting African Violets

I inherited my mother’s African violets. For years she transplanted them for friends. They are all over the city. Since they are now my plants I have taken on that roll.

I thought I’d share how I start new African violet plants. This does not work 100% of the time but enough times to make it worth doing.  Note I am not a gardener or expert but this has worked for me.

I snap a leaf off close to the plant and use my finger nail to gentle open the stem of the leaf. Run your finger nail down from the leaf to the snapped off part. Place in water. Don’t submerged the whole leaf just the stem part.

Once you see roots on the leaf. Transplant it into your pot and water. When you water the new plant don’t get water on the leaf/plant.

Above is a new African violet. Can you see the big leaf in the back? Slightly different color. That is the one I planted alone with the roots.

My experience is that African violets like to be watered from the bottom. I pour a little water into the pot.  I make sure it doesn’t touch the leaves. Than I put water in the saucer. I only water once a week. Also I think they like to be a little crammed in the pot.

I love them as they remind me of my mom and I feel I am keeping a tradition alive.

You can always start now!


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