Weekend Coffee Share

Join us for some coffee time!

I thought Weekend Coffee Share   would be the perfect setting to chat over what I have been up to.  Head over to  Eclectic Ali for all the details and maybe stopping for coffee also!

I’m back this week from a trip to Amsterdam and a River Boat cruise with my sister.  She lives across the country so we met in Amsterdam. We have traveled together before so knew what to expect. I loved Amsterdam with the canals, the houses and the bikes!  We have a helmet law here so I was more than surprised to see them racing through the streets bare headed. Of course they have dedicated bike lines which I know makes a difference.

The cruise was lovely and it was nice to unpack for a week. Have someone prepare delicious meals and take care of me. It was down the Rhine so saw beautiful scenery and explored cities along the way. The cruise included walking tours of every place we stopped, which was great to get oriented and get the history. Posting the trip on Instagram.

I had three books on pause at the library while away. I didn’t want them to come in and not get a chance to pick them up. If I didn’t I would end up back at the bottom of the queue waiting for them again. One came in two days after I got home.  It is Michelle Obama book.  It is a seven day loan so you know what I will be do all weekend!

Besides that I am getting back into a routine. Tired and back at work. I’m not replaced when I go on vacation so work just piles up.  Happy to crash this weekend and read. Well, I have to really as the book is due back Tuesday. Such a hardship!

Having had vacation already my plans for the summer are to stay put at home. To meet friends for drinks on patios downtown.  To check out events happening. Nothing major but soaking up sun (I hope) and good times.

Have a great weekend everyone. You know I’ll be reading.

You can always start now!



42 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. awandafulthing says:

    I can only imagine how magnificent the trip was and a great bonus to have your sister with you and that you travel well together. I already saw some pics on instagram but look forward to seeing more.


  2. Carol J Forrester says:

    Sounds like a wonderful trip. I’ve been debating reading Michelle Obama’s book. I’m currently part way through the new Skulduggery Pleasant and have put it aside to read The Handmaid’s Tale. There always seem to be more book to read than time to read.


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      I’m been reading it off and on all day. Easy read. She comes across like she did in office. Common sense and honest. Few neat things like how they met. He came as a law student to her law firm and she showed him around. She has a law degree from Harvard.


  3. johnrieber says:

    I was in Amsterdam once and found it fascinating – I ate frites from a cone topped with Mayonnaise, and I saw one of the last windmills in the city…plus saw the red light district in daytime which is a strange thing to do but it was surreal as well…


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      Three days wasn’t enough. You know you end up in some cities and you think I need weeks to soak it up. For me it is time to sit at an outdoor coffee shop and let the world go by. Enough time to do more art galleries and museums without feeling overwhelmed. Definitely put it on your list.


  4. Nancy says:

    Your vacation sounds lovely. I’ve been on several ocean cruises but the only river cruise I went on was a trip from New Orleans up the Mississippi River on a replica steamboat. We stopped as several plantation houses along the way. I would love to do a European river cruise one day. I can imaging the amazing sites you can see and such a relaxing way to travel.


  5. snehaexpression.com says:

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  6. Anindya says:

    it’s always good to unwind on vacation and let someone else take care of us. Hope you are having a good and relaxed weekend. I am into lots of music exploration as always and currently reading the latest mystery murder story Dare by Carol Wyers. Already became a big fan of hers.


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