Weekly journaling – week 50

Dec 10   It is Human Rights Day.  5 basic human rights I’m grateful to have.

  1. Right to freedom of opinion and expression
  2. Right to vote
  3. Right to freedom of peaceful assembly and association
  4. Right for equal pay for equal work
  5. For me it is the right to health care

Dec 11   A piece of art that inspires. This is wide open for me. It can range from a beautiful piece of pottery, a watercolour, nature to a children’s drawing. If I see it and feel someone put their heart into it THAT inspires me.

Dec 12  If I were a superhero my power would be….blocking negative thoughts/deeds.  I’m not talking sadness and grief as they are appropriate. I mean negativity like bad and/or hateful thoughts towards others. If you have a thought of war change it to a thought of peace. A thought of hate to love.  To be able to put that energy out there and make that change.

Dec 13   Finding balance in my life.  Me time has always meant alone time for me.  I enjoy (need) time where I feel I don’t have to be “on”. No talking, debriefing, actually no one in the room.   Us time is social from watching a movie, theatre or getting together Saturday for catch up.

Dec 14   A good choice I recently made was to cancel my cable and save $$.  I am writing more as fewer distractions.

Dec 15/16  What I would put in a time capsule of 2018 not to be open until 2028. I think an old bullet journal. I’d write out the popular TV shows, music and movies of 2018. News clippings of current world events. A current map of my city and the world.  This is harder than I thought. What would you guys put in it?

You can always start now!

7 thoughts on “Weekly journaling – week 50

  1. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    In a time capsule journal, I think I’d put in all the fun things my boys (who are 9) say and do, things I don’t think to write down ordinarily; games they like to play; who their friends are at the moment; the classes they like at school; their favorite books. I’m sure I wouldn’t remember in 10 year when I opened the capsule!


  2. Unbound Roots says:

    Ooh, that is a great question. I think I’d put in a copy of a blog post (my first full year of blogging), my chicken painting – it was the painting that said “Wow, you CAN paint!”, a picture of my husband’s grandfather (we lost this supportive man just a month ago), and a small stone – with the new changes in my life I feel more grounded than ever.

    Great post!


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      Those would be great items in a time capsule. Pictures would be special. Great idea about blog post – even our favorite or the ones that pushed our boundaries to write. Happy your are more grounded and ready to head into 2019. I think it could be an epic year (if we want!!).


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