Christmas Tag

I was over visiting Fancy Paper and she had a Christmas Tag post along with some other peeps.  Well, I am sitting on the coach with a cold right before the holidays and not happy. Understatement.

So I decided with coffee in hand to do the Christmas Tag. Here I go. Excuse the squeezing and cursing.

What is your FAVORITE christmas film.

Already I feel at a lost.  I don’t have a Christmas film I watch every year. A friend watches Elf.  For a while I used to watch Pride and Prejudice. The one with Colin Firth as Mr. Darcy. It is like 6 hours so great to watch when you have time off.

Have you ever had a white christmas.

Sitting in Canada so I’ll say yes. That said last Christmas day I think it got up to double digits temperature wise.  We currently have snow on the ground so I’m hoping for a little dusting.

You can always start now!

Where do you usually spend your holidays

Home. I’m fortunate enough to have vacation time to take at Christmas.  I enjoy nesting and reading over the holidays.

what is your FAVORITE  christmas song

My grown up Christmas list.

Do you open presents christmas eve

Nope. Christmas morning.

can you name all of santa’s reindeer

Just gave it a try to no I can’t. I have to save I thought I did well considering…..

What holiday traditions are you looking forward to most

I treat the whole month of December as part of my holidays.  I look forward to spending time with people I love and making memories.

is your christmas tree real of fake.

It is fake. It is easy as I don’t have a vehicle .  But seriously there is nothing like a real tree for the smell and just the look.

what is your all-time holiday favorite food/sweet treat

I enjoy turkey dinner. All of it from the veggies, cranberries, stuffing and gravy. Dark or white meat (both please).

be honest: do you like receiving or giving gifts

I don’t need anything and I’m trying to get rid of stuff and declutter so I’d rather not receive gifts.  Every year I do a craft to give to friends.  I enjoy the progress or finding one that is simple and easy enough to mass produce.  I think it should be more about making memories than buying/receiving things. Memories last longer.

what is the best christmas gift you ever received

As I kid I think it was Barbie’s house. Took all morning to set up with mom. My mother made Barbie clothes so I had the BEST clothes of anyone.

what would be your dream place to visit for the holiday season

I  think someplace like London or Paris. A city will lots of lights and things happening.

are you a pro-present wrapper or not

Easiest question to answer yet. NOT.

most memorable holiday moment

I’m going to say a BBQ Christmas day in Australia with shorts and t-shirt on.

what made you realize the truth about santa.

I’m not sure I know what you are asking. What truth about Santa?  Is there something I’m missing? He arrives Christmas Eve.  He is a jolly and lovely man. Seriously….what truth are you talking about?

do you make new year resolutions? do you stick to them.

I don’t make new year resolutions. I do make intentions and goals I want to accomplish that year.  They could be write a draft of a novel, edit X many chapters and get out with friends more.

what makes the holidays special for you

It is being around people. Decorating and inviting friends over. Making my crafts and giving them out (little yarn hats this year).  Enjoying the whole month as part of my holiday and not stressing over stuff.

what do you wish for christmas this year

I am going to steal Fancy Paper’s and say contentment.

FAVORITE christmas smell

The smell of a real tree.

what is the worst/weirdest gift you have ever received

I can’t think of anything. I know I’ve received gifts that are not really me but I don’t think I considered them the worst /weirdest.  Perfume – I remember someone gave me perfume. Lovely, but perfume gives me an instant headache.

FAVORITE holiday drink

Anything I can put Bailey’s in.

have you ever spent christmas in another country? if yes where.

See above. Australia where we had a barbie.

what place/landmark in your town do you love during christmas

The Christmas tree and lights in Grand Parade.

where you naughty or nice this year? you know santa is watching.

That being the case – I was nice this year. Santa knows that I try my best. Some days are better than others. But overall he knows I try.

bonus question: do you own a christmas theme jumper/sweater?

No, I don’t.

Thank you Fancy Paper.  This was fun to do as I sit on the coach sniffing and cursing my cold.  Whoever reads and enjoys consider yourself tagged!  Merry Christmas!

You can always start now!



15 thoughts on “Christmas Tag

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  2. josypheen

    I loved reading this and learning more about your Christmas traditions! 😉
    Would you like me to add a link to this post on my Christmas tag post?


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