It is age appropriate

This is my first post on my twirling and pivoting. Exploring being messy. Trying stuff just because. Oh and a bit more twirling.

I have always enjoyed doing crafts. I grew up in a house where sewing, knitting and crocheting were always going on. I like using my hands and creating – even when I make a mess and toss it out. It is about the time spent enjoying something not always the end result.

So for my pivoting I want to share more of my exploring. I’m not going to overthink this and wait until I have something perfect (never ever going to happen people). I want to give people ideas and permission to make a mess. Trying something new and play. Yes play at any age.

Start looking at craft kits (everything in the package is great). Don’t look at age appropriate! I’m hoping you are not going to put small pieces in your mouth. If it is fun for a seven year old why couldn’t it be fun for us? Age is a number don’t get caught up in it.

So given that mindset I’ve been looking for craft kits. Below caught my eye as colorful and everything in the kit. I was drawn to the cactus. Easy sewing of the large pieces (they had the holes already made). The flowers and leaves were all peel and stick. Hardest part was peeling with not great nails.

This image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is package-cactus-3.jpgThis image has an empty alt attribute; its file name is img_20210627_121541-1.jpg

Head down the craft aisle and remember no looking at age appropriate. If you like it and think “oh that would be cute to try”. That is enough. Don’t overthink it. It is a craft. A few hours at most of play.

Be prepared my pivoting involves sharing my messes and what I’m doing. I hope it gives you ideas and permission to try stuff. We should be playing at all ages.


You can always start now!




17 thoughts on “It is age appropriate

  1. esmesalon says:

    I should pick up my card craft again and start embroidering gift cards. I have not done it for such a long time and just love it, so thank you


  2. Gloria says:

    It’s also a form of mindfulness. I remember my little embroidery kits when I was a child. I bought one for Little Miss Ten during lockdown and she got the hang of it in no time. Gave her quite a few hours of play time that didn’t involve technology!


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