How is the summer bucket list going?

It is hard for me to wrap my had around the date. When double-digit August happened I was “How did we get here!!” It was a work day so my co-workers had to endure my shock and WHAT! for the day. They have worked with me for years so endured it well.

It brought me back to my summer bucket list. I made a Spring bucket list that got side-tracked when lockdown for third wave happened. When we reopened I managed to cross a few items off that list. Like take the ferry and sit downtown on a patio. I have sat on a patio a few times now so happy about that. Canada here so when the weather gets nice every restaurant and bar that has sidewalk space builds a patio.

Reviewing my summer bucket list I haven’t done too bad. I moved a few Spring items over as couldn’t do with lockdown. I crossed them off when we reopened. For July and August our government has opened all provincial museums up for free. So I added those to my list. Have to get cracking on them as only few Saturdays left.

Looking at the calendar the month of August is half over. When I reviewed my list I took a breath and realized I hadn’t done that bad. More items where checked off than not. That said there are still things I want to do before the end of the month. Yes, September is still summer and we have some of our best weather (my opinion only) that month. But I still associated September with a new season – I guess school starts back, classes start and people are back from vacation. The attitude is different when September hits – back to work full-on.

So if you made a summer bucket list now is the time to bring it out and see what you have and haven’t done. Make plans to check a few more boxes. Is there something you have been thinking about? Still possible? Why not. I realized I had only two more weekends to get to free museums. Making it a priority now.

Enjoy the rest of the month. If it isn’t summer where you are whatever season you are in make the most of it. Celebrate wins when you have them. Check your bucket list and see if you can check a few boxes before the end of the month!

You can always start now!

6 thoughts on “How is the summer bucket list going?

      1. Just back from week vacation in middle of nowhere – beautiful and needed. Can’t believe we have rolled into September. Fall favorite season but time is going too fast. That was a great article on East Harlem Community. Well done. We miss you but know you are busy! take care and keep us posted.

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  1. esmesalon

    Well I have not done a list for this summer as I did not think I will be able to do anything with the current situation in the world, but now that things are opening up I am just going out and doing as much as possible even without a list.
    I will for sure do one for the next season. I have RT your post


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