Stream of Consciousness Saturday

It has been a while since I participated in stream of consciousness Saturday.  Head over to get all the details and other writing prompts.  Fast summary we are given a prompt and we write – stream of consciousness. So no overthinking. No editing.  Just write.  This week’s prompt a word with “cal” in it.

I opened my drapes March 19th the last day of winter to find a white world.  It wasn’t a surprise as no matter what the calendar says March (all of it) is winter. Who am I kidding basically into April is winter. Snow storm in April!  Again not a big surprise.

Canada here. At least in this part of the country it is more of a roll from winter into a few days (maybe) of spring and into summer.  The calendar is not the go to. We can have a twenty degree temperature difference in a week.  Oh yeah that was last week. Sorry.  Spring was what two day last week?

This was an easy stream of conscious as writing this on March 19th.  Saw prompt and was like oh I have this one. Calendar.  Yeah.  Meaningless.

You can always start now!




4 thoughts on “Stream of Consciousness Saturday

  1. Wanda Mulley says:

    Lol I agree all of March in my mind is Winter but it is nice to be able to say it is now officially Spring and like nature I feel it is a good time to start to awaken and start to bloom.


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