Getting through the past year

We shutdown March 13th 2020 for COVID19 the first time.  I had seen Calendar Girls at the theatre the night before.  March Break was starting and we thought at the time maybe a few weeks. You know get this under control.  I don’t think any of us could have predicted the past year. How quickly it spread and shut the word down. We realized who was essential and it wasn’t the CEOs, governement workers and banks. It was the front line healthcare works and grocery store clerks.

I work at a health centre so worked and still working through the pandemic. It helped as that part of my life was still the same. Get up, ready, go to work. We had each other to socialize with and that made a difference.  The halls were empty with people working from home but our core group started and ended the day together.

This post idea came to me realizing a year!  How and what did I do to make the year easier for myself when I got home.  Theatre, restaurants, library and events all closed down in March.  Even now we still have restrictions but lucky enough to have the library open.

A few things I did were re-read books from my bookcase. I also moved my bedroom furniture around and WOW so happy with how it looks. Swung bed to a different wall and more floor space.  Purging of course – bags for goodwill when it opened.

I discovered on-line painting. Started with a Facebook group a friend sent. That lead to Friday pizza and paint nights. Not saying they are great but it is fun.  There are tons of tutorials on YouTube.

Also friends and I created Saturday afternoon wine tour.  We created a group on Skype and got together Saturday at 4 pm. It helped us connect and debrief since two of us were in the thick of it working.

I also took on a creative coach for four months. Something that had been on my to do list for a while.  With no travel outside province, we rented a cottage for a week on the water. Two hour drive from home.  It was something I had never done before as for me vacation is usually heading to the airport.  I also supported local businesses from earrings, plant pots to tie-dye top and more.

COVID-19 gave me opportunities I would not have done. Like the creative coach and vacation in my own province. I made the decision to grab my wins when I could. To make the most of what I was offered at this time. I’m still supporting local businesses.  Also rented a house in February for part of the week just to get away.

I would love to hear how you are coping and what activities you started and or  explored during isolation. Did you find a new hobby?   Do you have any recommendations for us to check out?   Please share. We are all in this together.

You can always start now!


6 thoughts on “Getting through the past year

  1. You definitely made the most of a bad year! Since my choir hasn’t been able to get together to sing, I’ve been singing more at home on my own (much to the consternation of my fam and passing neighbors, probably). I’ve discovered a voice coach who does free online workshops. And of course my writing and reading life hasn’t changed much, but I could certainly use a getaway. We’ve had enough together time around here!


  2. esmesalon

    I retired at the end of July, after a big surgery in May of last year so things dramatically changed for me. Although we worked from home since March (the company I work for still do) I am now at peace and have ample time to go out daily and walk on the marsh (permitted) and I just love nature and the exercise I also get as part of my 1 – 1½ hour daily walk. Also being retired I now have more time for blogging which I love, and obviously, I now have more time to bake as a food blogger. Yes, we had to adapt (and I terribly miss our children and grandkids as we have not been able to visit with them in person for a year) but otherwise, the isolation has not made such a huge difference to us, as we are very much doing our own thing and not outgoing.


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