International Women’s Day 2021

The theme for International Womens Day 2021 March 8th is gender equality. This means for all not just for women. 

The past year everyone has been challenged to deal the best they can with COVID-19.  This has included lay-offs, working from home, isolation, child care and teaching, increased unpaid work and the rise of domestic violence.

COVID-19 has eroded hard-fought gains to gender equality. Women have been the most impacted by the health and economy during this time.  Women are often the main caregivers and trying to work from home and raise children has put women to the test during this pandemic.

The theme this year is #Feminist Recovery.  For International Women’s Day I want to acknowledge how hard this past year has been on women and everyone. That we have come together to keep each other safe while we battle something unprecedented in our life-time.  We have seen women rise to the challenge. Look at women leaders world-wide and how some of their countries faired.

This year we are invited to take a pledge to advance gender equality and support an inclusive recovery from COVID-19 pandemic by using #FeministRecovery on our social media accounts. We still have work to do. Acknowledge the women around you. Acknowledge the women that went before you and fought battles for you. Battles that still have to be fought. Gender quality is for everyone! We are all in this together regardless of gender identify.

International Women’s Day is not just one day to bring into focus issues that still have to be dealt with. This is a battle we have to take on every day. To more everyone forward. We are all in this together – success for one is success for all.

You can always start now!


5 thoughts on “International Women’s Day 2021

    1. I do believe we often fall down on supporting other women. Competition, self-worth for starters. I think we have to get to the mind set of there is enough for all. More success and joy for one means more for the rest of us. That way we are more likely to work at making it happen for others. Hope that makes sense.


  1. esmesalon

    Thank you so much for sharing your post with SIPB. Yes, we all need to stand together, together, and every other day of the week, month, and year.


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