Weekend Coffee Share

Happy October!

I decided to start the month with #weekend coffee share. Head over to get all the details and maybe join in!

It has been a mixed emotional week.  A neighbor is moving into assisted living so purging and packing.  I’ve been helping when I can and getting to know her better through memories and conversations as we pack.  She collects Royal Doultons (no I did NOT pack them!). Painted when she was younger.  Know that by mentioning the two ballerina pictures in the bedroom she painted sixty years ago.  So many memories. What to take and what to let go.  I can’t imagine. Every time I came home I looked around me.  I realized I should seriously take a look at what I am holding on it.

While I was helping her I was reading Caroline Myss Invisible Acts of Power.  The long and short of the book is being of service. With no strings attached.  She centers it around the 7 chakras.  From safety & family, relationships to spirituality. It was neat to be reading this book and doing the act of service at the same.

Helping my neighbor also had me practicing patience and stepping away. I looked around and just wanted to tackle stuff.  To just sweep the floor and take care of stuff.  Patience and stepping away came into play in that it isn’t my stuff or my life. This is an older individual losing some control and having to make hard decisions.  It was a slower process than I would have liked. I had to stop and step away when she got tired and just had enough. It wasn’t my decision or energy level that was driving this.  It was her energy and it was physically and emotionally draining.

Reading other people and if helping them we should not be pushing them into uncomfortable positions just because we feel the job should be done our way and/or on our schedule.  It was an eye opener. If this was me how do I want to be treated?  Rushed and pushed through it? Or allowed to process it my way?

I work better with a deadline and with less time to fool around.  I knew last weekend I would be packing and purging and also helping another neighbor walk her dog as she wasn’t feeling well.  So the time I was home I was productive going through my list.  I didn’t leave the neighborhood but I felt I had a good weekend.  I felt valued, productive and of service. As I ran between three apartments I never felt rushed, frustrated I wasn’t home getting my &*(^ done.  I felt exactly where I was supposed to be. If that makes any sense.

The take away for me these past few weeks has been this is my life. Right now. Not in the future. Yes to surrounding myself with things that bring me joy but I don’t want clutter. I don’t want myself or people wading through stuff that might no longer have meaning.  I want a more streamline home and life.

So to patience, service, friends and showing up and being present exactly at the right moment.

You can always start now!


15 thoughts on “Weekend Coffee Share

  1. Lizl Bennefeld says:

    It would be nice to have someone to share the sorting and packing *activities* with. I’m trying to do it myself, which has resulted in utter chaos. Losing track of which boxes are “to be tossed” and which to be “sorted and stored”. Fenced off half of my room, so that the dogs can’t start emptying the boxes. LOL!

    Lovely, gathering patience and understanding in the process of serving others! Good for you!


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      It is hard. We put all the goodwill bags in a corner. We have a swap table downstairs so I ran a few items down there as soon as she said she didn’t want them. Just to get them out of the place. She had to give her dog away as couldn’t take her to assisted living so very sad. Give yourself patience during this.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. The Tea Chest ♥ says:

    I really enjoyed this. I’m all about having a more minimal balance and decluttering is very therapeutic. We have just moved house, my 4th time in as many years and I am staggered at the amount of stuff we still have. I’m in the process of sorting through everything and trying to donate my nrequred items to charity. Quite cleansing ❤️


    • You Can Always Start Now says:

      I agree. I always have a bag for goodwill on the floor in the bedroom. I think it was hard for her as not just moving but moving to assisted living so knowing you can’t do things you used to. It was hard emotionally at times. Thanks for visiting!


  3. clairelomax2018 says:

    You’re amaing helping out your neighbours like that. I remember helping my folks to move after 30 years in the same house, gosh it was hard work.

    I am sure your neighbour really appreciates your help and will miss you when she leaves x


  4. gemmaorton says:

    You sound like a great neighbour! I know from being on the other side how important patience is. I try to be patient when directing people that help me. But they also need to understand it’s my life and my decisions, even if they may not always agree.


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