What caught my eye in the past month

I can’t believe we have rolled, no raced, into October.  I had a busy and productive September.  The days are shorter and dark when I get up. So I know it is fall and winter is approaching.  Below is what caught up eye recently.  Hope something catches yours.

Head over to A beautiful mess to see an easy DIY stenciled rug.

Centsational Style  post is on Instagrammers over tourism.  I’d be interested in your thoughts on this.  I’ve seen it in action and I know we have seen it on Instagram.  I’ll say no more until you read the post!

The The budget decorator gives us 50 ideas to organize our home.

I’m always looking at crafts so this caught my eye.  Head over to Paper n Stitch for 6 weekend DIYs to check out.

The tea chest  blew me away with this post on painting tea bags. You have to see to believe.

The title of this post caught by eye as seriously….. Gifts for people who don’t like people.  I think we all might have at least one person these gifts might be appropriate for.

A Sneak Peak into an Embroidery Artist's Studio

I am drawn to creativity so seeing an artist’s studio was a must for me. Check out Handmade Charlotte for a glimpse into an embroidery studio.  So much color!

A Wandaful thing  (Wanda) is a friend and fellow blogger. She had talked about bless you jars but for some reason I was thinking they were something else. So was surprised to see them.

That is it for me.   Would love to hear what is catching your eye right now! Drop me a note!

You can always start now!





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