Weekly journaling – week 41

October 8   A cute message on my phone.

Picture and write-up of tweet that says “what do you think of this scenario? Do unmarried adults (without kids) get short-changed in the gift department?”

Me:  honestly we could write this @#&*.

Reason why this is funny as years ago we talked about this scenario.  If you never married or had kids could you have a commitment shower to yourself? Or singles shower to make up for all the wedding showers and baby showers you attended.

October 9  3 things I’m thankful for today

  • Nice walk to work
  • Catching up with co-workers after the long weekend
  • Leftovers from Thanksgiving!

October 10   A reason to be excited about the future. I have people in my life that want to travel, explore and push boundaries with me.

October 11   Congratulations to me.  I remembered a friend’s anniversary on time to wish them well.

October 12   The turning point of my day:  Before I got home I plugged away at work. Nothing earth-shattering. It had been a long week.  After I got home I basically crashed as physically and emotionally spent.

October 13/14  An item that has a lot of sentimental value.  My desk which is the kitchen table I grew up with. It is chrome and linoleum.


You can always start now!


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