Stream of Consciousness Saturday – Spoke

I am late starting today as out last night at the symphony and celebrating a friend’s birthday.  Still, I have to , want to do Stream of Consciousness Saturday. Head over to Linda G Hill Life in Progress for all the details and more writing prompts.

Since this is stream of consciousness here is what is going on. What spoke to me this morning was my place. After eight months I have my place back to myself. The last four months I’ve had a lovely cat (enjoyed him more than I ever thought I would) also living with me. FYI I’m allergic to cats.

I was awake early and started cleaning and airing. I am excited as I don’t have to sneak out of my bedroom today. What also spoke to me this morning was just do it! After an hour of starting this and that and not exactly finishing anything I am taking a break and having a coffee and blogging.

Did I mention what also spoke to me was to move my living room furniture around? Yes I know THAT has nothing to do with cat or person leaving.

Hope everyone has a great Saturday. I’ll be home all weekend spring cleaning. I’ve decided to call it that as makes life easier! PS check my Instagram out to see my furry friend.

You can always start now!



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