What caught my eye in the past month

September is my favorite month as the start of my favorite season. The days are still warm and the nights are cooler (usually!).  We have been having some muggy summers Not a humidity fan here. This is some of what caught my eye in the past month.

Scandinavian dining area ideas

Décor is my eye candy.  I can escape and check out how people express themselves and gather ideas.  Checkout how to bring Scandinavian design ideas into your home.  I’m drawn to #14 and #4 – which is totally different for me.

This caught my eye as I thought “50” surely I can find a fall craft in that! Best DIY fall craft ideas!  Good variety. I thought looking at it “oh this is too early for that!”.  Then realized post is September and wham pretty well fall and if doing fall crafts want to start gathering ideas.


Front of blue tiny house with orange door

I’m still on the fence whether I could live in a tiny home. It isn’t so much the square footage. I’m not crazy about climbing a ladder or stairs.  I enjoy checking them out and seeing how people make the most out of their space.  Here is just one on the site.

I would be interested in your thoughts on this post.  Benefits of audiobooks.  

Elle Decor gives us 40 things people over 40 shouldn’t have in their homes.  I think we could push the age down a bit!

I’m not sure I could live with this much color but it definitely caught my eye! Apartment Therapy showcases a home with a riot of color.  I will say it made me happy looking at it!

A beautifulmess.com episode 105 talks about the importance of hobbies as an adult.  They talked about being a life-long learner which I have always considered myself.  To have fun and not overthink everything. PS everything doesn’t have to be perfect.

I tried to copy a few pictures from Apartment Therapy of the colorful home with no results. Wanted to give you a shot of color! Hope everyone is having a good summer (or season you are in). September for us is school back and vacations over – full-on. Take care.

You can always start now!

6 thoughts on “What caught my eye in the past month

  1. Wanda Mulley

    Great visuals to look at, 16,18&19 spoke to me in the Scandinavian design. Loved the fall ideas, one of which I may try this week. Thanks for always inspiring me 😄


  2. 14 and 16 in the scandi homes, I channel a bit of a hippy in my soul. Audio books …I listened to ‘where the Crawdads Sing’ while I’ll in bed ill, 30 min on and 30 off. With nothing else, no distractions or interruptions, it was a beautiful experience. Admittedly I am in love with the work already, but listening especially to it in the correct accent made me see and feel each passage so much clearer. The paperback serves for me to see how the words evoke such feeling, which is how I read as a writer.But to just listen was perfect.Apartment therapy Was a step too far for me but I would die for that velvet sofa. Well not die but if someone gave it to me I would love it.


    1. Yes channel a touch of BoHo. I like those design in homes also. Read Where the Crawdads Sing and enjoyed. So sad in places. Total surprise ending for me. It would be neat to listen to it in correct accent would be neat. We do take things in differently when reading and listening. Things decor wise catch my eye but I wouldn’t have in my house – like you said step too far but neat to check out. Hope feeling better and on the mend.


      1. Thank you, unfortunately it has turned to a chest infection but it still isn’t covid so I am winning. X look up rocketdog on Instagram they have some brilliantly unique interiors. 👌


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