Spring Bucket List !!

It is officially spring. For me, eastern Canada, spring is the shortest season. Days – not joking. That is why it is not my favorite season. That would be fall as summer days, cooler night and the colours! We so have that covered. I like to have a plan so decided to make a spring bucket list.

  1. Outside patio. Our restaurants are currently open with limited capacity. Once the good weather hits they set up outside patios increasing capacity. Last year and thinking this year also it made people feel safer (for lack of a better word) to sit outside. So once the patios are set up I’m heading to one.
  2. Transplant my African Violets. They like to be pot bound but a few need a bigger pot.
  3. Walk around our largest park in the city. I have two smaller parks near me within a 15 minute walk to get there. #lucky
  4. Farmers Market Saturday morning
  5. Walk barefoot in the grass. I know this seems silly to put on a list. I love bare feet especially when outside. I figure if I have it on the list I’m more likely to make it happen.
  6. Explore downtown on foot. See what is still open or if anything new has opened.
  7. Continue to purge and organize cabinets and drawers
  8. Find a fun Spring craft to do. Ideas are welcomed.
  9. Take the Ferry. We have a 15 minute ferry ride across the harbour to our sister city. I have always loved it and recommend it as a great way to see the waterfront. Oh there is a library on the other side. So…..
  10. As things open up like theatre and events take them in. It has been a long year and businesses are struggling to keep afloat. #supportlocal
  11. Continue to support local. Maybe when at the Farmer’s Market I’ll find a few local artisans. Win/Win
  12. Send a few cards just because to friends in the mail.
  13. Facial
  14. Paint pottery
  15. Start thinking about my summer bucket list!!!

What would your Spring bucket list include? Let me know I might have to add them to mine!

You can always start now!

You can always start now!

14 thoughts on “Spring Bucket List !!

  1. Pamela says:

    Great list to make. After a year of limitations we all need to make the most of what we can now enjoy and not miss out. So important to include the simple things of life! Visiting today from esme salon.


  2. msomerville2014 says:

    I love your list! I am a list maker, although not usually bucket lists. I agree, writing your goals on a list gives them and you a better chance of success. At the moment, I am trying to keep my goals really simple. I want to sew, which I have only done a little bit and not at all in 30 years. I basically have to re-learn. Goal number 1 was actually getting my new (3 year old machine uncovered and set in a work station setting. Goal for this week, which hasn’t happened y et, but it is only Wednesday, to learn how to and to actually run a bobbin. You have inspired me though, maybe I will make a more definite Spring bucket list, too. Thanks for this post and blessings for every Spring Day.


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      I think that is great getting out your sewing machine. I am all for breaking things down into baby steps and celebrating along the way. I think we get caught up in the end results and miss the journey. Enjoy it and yes to a Spring Bucket List!


  3. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

    I think I’ll have a few in common with you–definitely a good farmer’s market. And we just signed up for a local CSA, so I’m going to be drowning in veggies, since my husband also has a garden. I always have to make sure to get outside and enjoy our spring as much as possible, because our summer is so hot here in MD! My husband and I got a little time in walking around Annapolis, yesterday, and it was lovely. I love a walkable date in weather I won’t freeze in!


      1. Rebecca Moon Ruark says:

        I wonder if you’re still getting snow. I know my WNY family and my OH family both did over the last couple days. We got cold here in MD last night–into the 30s–so hopefully all my husband’s plants in the garden are OK! You take care too, and keep warm until your spring (albeit quick) finally arrives!


  4. Stephanie says:

    I am feeling inspired to enjoy this Spring to the fullest! Not much grass around me to walk barefoot on – but barefoot on the beach before the summer crowds sounds good to me. Happy Spring!


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