Dream House – Writing Prompt!!

I was just over to visit Lorna at  Gin & Lemonade.  After reading her post on accessible house-hunting and her writing prompt “dream house” I decided to tackle it.

First off, not on topic, I spent many a lunch hour in coffee shops going over was it possible to purchase my own place. On my own.  Like Lorna I had requirements I wasn’t willing to negotiate. One was location and the other type of property. I am lucky enough that I didn’t have to consider accessibility, but I did.  Seriously people think with your heads when you are posting properties on what accessibility means.  I feel common sense at times has gone out the window.

Back to Lorna (Gin & Lemonade) writing prompt.  Dream House.  I love the water, forest, mountains – well pretty well everything.  To walk out my door and be on a beach would be lovely. But….I want to be realistic here. I am a city person.  So long and short I want to live in a city and travel everywhere and experience lots.

My dream home would be an apartment overlooking an incredible city sky-line. It would be centrally located so I could walk to coffee shops and pubs, and also be on a good transit line.  It would face south-west giving me lots of natural light (this I have now and love it).  It would have an open concept with two bedrooms and two baths.  Oh it is also located within walking distance to a park.  It is accessible to all my friends as has an elevator and no steps to the front door (which I also have now).  It would be decorated with pieces from my travel and memories.

My dream home makes me feel safe with good neighbours and friends.  When I travel I just have to drop a key off to one of them and no worries.  No shoveling of snow or mowing of grass. All taken care. The grounds are lovely with green areas for gathering.

My home allows me to travel to all the other places I love and come back and feel safe and happy. It is not extravagant. It is me.

You can always start now!



19 thoughts on “Dream House – Writing Prompt!!

  1. For city life, the no hassle way is the only way to go. My dream house is the polar opposite. LOL! I’d go for a beach house north of LA somewhere. Like you, it would have glorious views, for sure!


    1. I would so be over to visit at the beach house! I love the water – I’m on the coast now. Actually can see the harbour from the bus stop. My dream is to live in different places all over the world and have a home base. So lots of “dream” houses.


      1. That’s the way to go! I’m a water girl too. Must be something to do with quieting my fire sign. LOL!
        We have a French country house in Niwot and a mountain house in Breck. Not sure I could keep up a third, but a beach house would be next! 🙂


  2. You know, I have no idea why, but I imagine you loving one of those super efficient tiny homes in a gorgeous green space. Isn’t it funny how it’s easy to make up stories about others? But, I hope you know that the lovely tiny home I imagine for you is filled with light and a particularly gorgeous spot where you can read comfortably, and then write with a laptop desk. 🙂


    1. That is funny. I love those tiny homes when I see on HGTV. When I bought my condo I knew it was the one when I walked in on a dreary November day as it was still light filled. I and my plants love it. Natural light is major for me and would have been a deal breaker. So you are right on over light and gorgeous spot to read and write. I see trees from my bedroom window in all their beautiful seasons. I also don’t have a vehicle or want one so city living is for me.

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