Valentine’s Day – make it your day

Valentine’s Day can be hard.  We have so many expectations.  Social media and the rest of the planet doesn’t help with advertising roses, cards and taking your sweet heart out to dinner.  What if you currently don’t have a sweet heart? Does that mean you should keep your head down all day? Or maybe call in sick and avoid the whole thing.

No. We can have  Valentine’s Day our way (or any way).  We don’t need a sweet heart (great if you do and enjoy).  What we need is to think of the day more as a pay it forward. Valentine’s Day can be when we celebrate connection with people.

Purchase those Valentine cards we used to give out at school.  Pass them out to neighbors, co-workers, sale people and bus stop friends.  Wish people Happy Valentine’s Day as you do it.  We don’t know what people are going through and maybe one Valentine’s Day card can turn the day around.  If nothing else it gives people something to talk about. Something positive.

Don’t worry if you do or don’t get roses, chocolate, dinner or a card.  Make the day about connections with everyone you make eye contact with. Family, friends and strangers. Acknowledge people.  Valentine’s Day could be the day we make a little difference.

Happy Valentine’s Day / Connection Day

You can always start now!


14 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day – make it your day

  1. Unbound Roots says:

    What a great idea to pay-it-forward on Valentine’s Day – a nice way to spread love! We don’t need to grow broke to have a fulfilling Valentine’s Day. xx


  2. ellenbest24 says:

    Give a stranger a smile or an elderly person a card a hug or take him/her for a cup of tea.
    Bring Valentines to someone alone who will maybe have no or few opportunities . That way you can have a beautiful giving experience even if you are not a couple. I love your post and enjoyed the read. Happy V day lady.


    1. You Can Always Start Now says:

      It is simple things and not getting caught up in what you “think” a day should be. So yes to bringing Valentines’ to someone who might have few opportunities. Someone at work already wished me Happy Valentine’s Day going into the cafeteria. So Happy V day back to you!


  3. awandafulthing says:

    Funny isn’t it the perception some people have about this day. I put up a heart shaped wreath on my door at work and one of my co-workers commented she didn’t like Valentine’s Day because she was single. My comment was I LOVE the day because I use it to express my love for all the people I care about. To me, it isn’t about chocolate or flowers (don’t get me wrong, I enjoy both those things) it’s about opening my heart and remembering those I loved who are no longer with me and those I love who still are, family and friends. Happy Day! XOXO


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