Angel Card – Inspiration

My weekly Angel Card is inspiration.   With Instagram, Pinterest, Google and other blogs there is no lack of inspiration we can tap into.  We can just type any word into a search engine and have access to thousands of words and images.  Surely we can find something that stirs us and makes us want to create?

I love seeing what other creatives are up to and I am always writing down books to read and crafts to try.  I know the majority of us have Pinterest boards for projects ranging from knitting, baking to furniture refinishing.  But what if we got back to looking outside the world wide web for inspiration?

One of my favourite books is Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen.  Someone that did not have access to Google.  Her inspiration was the world and people around her.  How they interacted and what their desires where.  So let’s get up from our devices, head outdoors and explore our neighbourhoods or travel somewhere new.  Sit at an outdoor cafe and watch and listen to the people around you – is there a short story in there somewhere?  Could you describe that unique individual’s mannerisms?  What about all those shades of green in nature around you – what about putting them on paper?  How about capturing how the light is filtering through the trees?  Who inspires you?  Maybe read their biography? Or better yet if it is someone you know invite them out!

People are talking and blogging about taking a break from their devices and spending less time on their social media.  We can incorporate that into seeking inspiration outside of what is now mainstream.  So turn everything off, take a breath and head out with pen and paper in hand.  I know there is inspiration out there!  Let me know what you find!

You can always start now!

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