A different type of holiday gift

I'm behind the eight ball this year with the holidays.   By this time I usually have figured out an easy craft I can semi-mass produce for friends.  Something to show I'm thinking of them.  This year nothing.  Seriously, I checked Pinterest and tons of great ideas, just nothing that I was running out to purchase … Continue reading A different type of holiday gift

What is currently inspiring me

We get inspiration from all around us.  I think the more we explore and push our boundaries the more inspired we will become.  Exploring new things exposes us to new ideas or a different way of thinking.  Here are a few things that are currently inspiring me. People creating I have always found inspiring.  There … Continue reading What is currently inspiring me

Angel Card – Inspiration

My weekly Angel Card is inspiration.   With Instagram, Pinterest, Google and other blogs there is no lack of inspiration we can tap into.  We can just type any word into a search engine and have access to thousands of words and images.  Surely we can find something that stirs us and makes us want … Continue reading Angel Card – Inspiration

100 Years from now you could be someone inspiration

Lately I've been trying to get my creative juices following so crafting, reading and internet searching.   I came across an idea that appealed to me both as a blogger and a writer.  What if we came across a letter from our great grandmother, grandfather or anyone.   Wouldn't you be interested in what their typical day was  … Continue reading 100 Years from now you could be someone inspiration