10 things I learnt from Nora Ephron

I had a crash course on what women of a certain age should know (really all women) by Nora Ephron and her book I feel bad about my neck and other thoughts on being a women.  She made me laugh, gasp, run to the mirror and feel I have always been behind the eight ball on being a woman!

Nora Ephron was an author of novels and screenplays most notable are When Harry met Sally and Sleepless in Seattle.

So without further ado here are some of the lessons I learnt from Nora.

  1. Embrace your neck.  Did you know that after 43 it starts to go?  When I read that (being past that gate) I was “What the…….”.   Hence, the run to the mirror.  So young women embrace it now this summer.  Wear off the shoulders tops and chunky necklaces that draw attention to your fabulous neck.  Toss your head back and laugh showcasing that sleek toned part of your body.  Because really you can have some stuff done to your face but your neck…..reason why older women wear turtlenecks and beautiful scarves.
  2. You can find rapture and escape in a good book.  This I have been all over for years so was happy.  Recommendation just do it.
  3. If the shoe doesn’t fit in the store, it’s never going to fit.   Hmm……that makes sense but I KNOW we have shoes we fell in love with and thought “it will be fine, it is perfect for that outfit.”  Think of the $$ ladies we could saving for those beautiful scarves we will need someday.  Oh and they will fit in the store and at home.
  4. There is no point in making pie crust from scratch.  Too funny. Nora wrote like I imagine she talked blunt and to the point.  I loved it.  Not being a baker I was okay with this.  Apparently she loved to bake and still said no point to this.
  5. The reason why you are waking up in the middle of the night is the second glass of wine.  Yes, I had already figured this out, but still didn’t like to have it confirmed.
  6. You never know.  That was it – that was all she said and really it is so true.  We don’t know – what other people are bringing to the table, where we might be in a year or five.  Accept it, take a breath and move on.
  7. You can order more than one dessert.  I think we should just treat this one as point-blank fact and do it.  I mean it was written by a knowledgeble worldly woman so it is what it is.
  8. Ageing – consider the alternative.   I have a friend, who is a pediatric nurse, tell me this years ago.  We all know individuals who didn’t get this chance.
  9. Your purse is, in some horrible way, you.  I am somewhat nervous about this, as part of the year my purse is a backpack.  She didn’t mention backpacks just huge purses that you put items in and never see again.  I decided after reading that item that I am good to go.  I can easily find stuff in my backpack and purse.  Truthfully it is because I carry no “maintenance” items in my purse see # 10.
  10. Personal maintenance – after a certain age, it’s just patch, patch, patch.  Sad but true.  Also the reason why I can find items in my purse and backpack I do no patching and it shows.

So, well I still have it I am going to embrace my neck this summer.  Throw my head back and laugh.  I will have two desserts if I want.  I will find rapture in a good book.  I won’t buy shoes that don’t fit in the store and I won’t have a good night’s sleep knowing it will be the second glass of wine – should I switch to beer?  Another thought.  Another post.

Embrace life in general

21 thoughts on “10 things I learnt from Nora Ephron

    1. The wisdom of Nora! I’m guilty of buying the ill-fitting shoes. No more.
      I’ve always embraced age because yes…so many die too young! Grateful for every day, yet I’m not afraid to die. I just don’t want to!
      I also use the words; you never know what’s around the corner. What wonderful surprises await us!
      I won’t talk about purses and my million handbags….ahem!

      Liked by 1 person

  1. I worked with Joan Rivers for years…she made jokes about going in for her annual “tune up.” She embraced life, made cosmetic changes as she felt the need, and ate a lot of shrimp at meetings….love Nora Ephron for many reasons…just disagree about the second glass of wine – unless she meant to pass it by and go straight to a third!


  2. kimsdiytribe

    Great job Amelia ! Your thoughts on hers made me laugh in their truth! I need a better fix for the neck though. Florida is tooooo hot for scarves and turtlenecks. Help!


  3. Now I need to read this! What have you done? Do you know how long my to be read pile is? No but my Husband does. My TBR pile that (he thinks is huge) sits in a whole shelf of my book case. In truth he doesn’t know the half, actually it also occupies a secreted box 📦 and a further nine books waiting for Ellen in a kindle app. Not forgetting the nine in Audiable waiting. But what must be done needs doing immediately. #HideTheEvidence


    1. #HideTheEvidence if I remember correctly (and I don’t always) the book is short. I made the decision years ago not to purchase fiction. So I use the library weekly as I love to read. Heading there tomorrow to pick up a hold. I usually have a few titles on hold. Decided to read Christmas Mysteries for the month of December. On the plus side isn’t it wonderful to know we having something waiting for us to read! Happy Holidays


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