Angel Card – Openness

Drum roll please……. Angel Card of the week is openness.   Okay, I want to start off with this is something I have struggled with my whole life.  My motto is often “on a need to know basis” and that goes for a lot of things! Even sharing I have a blog with family and friends.   I have taken past experiences and realize sometimes I have been open and it hasn’t served me well.  Maybe my idea was too fragile to share yet, maybe the other person felt challenged or maybe they were just not interested.  Whatever the reason I am not a naturally open person.


I do believe cultivating openness is worth it.  Often putting an idea or plan out there makes it more real or, if you are like me, more accountable.  We shouldn’t let (hard!!!) past experiences keep us from sharing our accomplishments and ideas.  Openness can bring opportunities for collaboration – if people don’t know what you are doing or need how can they help!  

Openness is about sharing.  If you want people to open up to you, you have to start being open with them and the world around you.  It is okay to hold back on being open until you feel you are ready for any criticism a project might bring, but let people know of your accomplishments.  Let friends and family celebrate with you.  Openness is letting people know you a bit better.  Okay I’m ready – openness happening here.  I self-published a novel on Smashwords!

PS don’t let people take away your accomplishments and joy.  Being open should be the honest, upfront thing to do.  For me it is considering the source if it comes down to openness and the results it brings.

How do you feel about openness?  Check out my other rants on Angel Cards under Categories / Angel Cards.  Would love to hear your take on any of the words.

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