May Monthly Craft Challenge – picture frame

Welcome to our fourth monthly craft challenge.  When Wanda and I discussed and picked out our items for the challenges I had a totally different idea for my frame.  I thought yeah, I am all over this.  Then I received Valentines in the mail from my cousin.  They were the ones we used to give out when we were kids at school and I was beyond touched.  I knew right away I had to display them. They were bright, colorful and most important when I looked at them they made me happy and I thought of her.  So drumroll please………

frame I used a plain wooden frame I picked up at the dollar store.

frameunpaintedPainted frame white (had the craft paint) and used a clear craft varnish to apply the items to the frame and protect them, plus gives a bit of a shine.   My cousin spent part of her summer with me before heading back to university so great memories there.  Thank you E.

Wanda over at A Wandafulthing had a different take on her frame craft.  She picked up the frame at a thrift store.  She removed the picture replacing it with pretty scrapbooking paper she already had.  Painted the frame cream and currently using it as a grocery list.

IMG_4799 (2)

Check out the before pictures and more details over at A Wandafulthing.  Also check out her other craft challenges!

Next month’s challenge is using an embroidery hoop in any way you desire.  We would love for you to join our challenge.  Pop into our previous monthly challenges.

March Challenge – yarn

April’s Challenge – kitchen utensil




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