Angel Cards – Balance

This week’s Angel Card is balance.  The word balance has been tossed around a lot. There are articles out there explaining to us how to balance work, home, relationships, money and more.   How to squeeze it all in and what to let go of.  I don’t think there is an easy answer and I think we all have different competing priorities.


When I think of balance it is giving myself time to re-energize to deal with everything else that is coming down the tubes.  As an introvert I know I need quiet alone time to feel balanced.  When I have balanced my work, social and alone time I enjoy all three to a heightened degree.  I am more “on” for everyone and everything around me.

So maybe we should look at what we have to do to feel balanced for everything else.  Do we need quiet time?  More social time?  Family time?  What small step could we take to feel more balanced to enjoy the rest of our time?  Maybe a walk at lunch hour?  Sitting in the car for five minutes making out our grocery list?  Listening to music?  We have to start somewhere to create balance – so look around and see what area is a priority.   You can always start now.

PS check out Angel Cards under Categories for more words.

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