Creative introvert vs extrovert. Shake it up!

I recently listened to a podcast and they were discussing creatives (us!!).  How different individuals create and I don’t mean painting or writing I mean the creative process.

Yes, we all realize that writing, painting and many creative endeavors are done in solitude.  To create takes discipline and often you sit with nothing on a canvass or paper waiting for that spark.  Don’t.  Just start writing or painting or taking pictures whatever – don’t wait for anything, but that is another post.

So for an introvert, me, being alone is how I energize.  But for other individuals being alone in that room can be hard.  Creative spirit of not.  So what if we shake things up a bit?  If sitting at your desk/table is hard why not take yourself and your laptop or sketchbook off to a coffee shop.  There are always individuals alone with laptops or reading in coffee shops so you won’t be the odd person out.  You might be energized just being in the room with others, having people around you talking and coming and going.

coffee shop2

I went to a Paint Nite event and had a great time.  There were 80 of us in a room. Rows of small easels on tables and all of us painting at the same time.  You don’t need any painting experience, just courage to put yourself in the chair and put paint to paper.  I definitely recommend checking it out.  It could get your creative juices flowing and for individuals that enjoy group settings it is made for you.

At this moment I am in my neighborhood Starbucks, music on, two people on their laptops, one man reading, two ladies actually sitting across from each other talking!! Can you imagine.  I find I can focus even with the white noise (I am someone that doesn’t have music or the TV on unless that is what I am actively doing).  My focus is pretty good as I am not being pulled in other directions like watching the news, housework etc.  It does feel a bit like a community in that I am not alone and working.

So shake up your creative space.  Maybe head off to a coffee shop like me.  Take a creative writing course or any course not on-line.  Or maybe it just means taking your laptop, sketchbook or paints outside to the yard and setting up there.

Different spaces can bring out different ideas and maybe you will see or hear something that strikes a creative cord and you know you just have to get that down and express it.  Shake things up and be that person at the table people are curious about.

4 thoughts on “Creative introvert vs extrovert. Shake it up!

  1. dannie54 says:

    I love the idea of shaking it up! I get all my energy being alone but for me, that can include things like being by myself at the coffee shop. And being in that type of atmosphere sometimes makes me even more productive. Sometimes I really do need to be curled up at home alone with nobody else around but getting out and working by myself is an amazing way to create a whole different type of energy. Great post!



    1. Amelia says:

      Thank you. For me a great weekend is a day ALONE to just be, but you are right we should shake things up as different ideas can come to us in different places. I love walking and often find things popping into my head as I day dream. Thanks again for stopping by.


  2. Cat Rose says:

    I am ALL about shaking it up to get creative. I recently started reading ‘Creativity’ by Mihaly Csiks… yeah I can’t spell his name – but it goes into how different environments affect our creativity.

    As a fellow introvert, I too usually work (especially when writing) in silence, but every afternoon I like to go to a coffee shop to ‘shake it up’, more of the change of scene than anything.

    Another thing – also used to think having a messy environment didn’t matter (we’re ‘creatives’ after all!) but… it kind of does. I do get distracted if I’ve got junk all over my floor!


    1. Amelia says:

      Thanks for commenting. Always good to hear what other people think. Just wrote down Creativity to check out. I try and keep my desk somewhat uncluttered as yes it is a distraction. Have you heard of National Novel Writing Month or Camp NaNo for writers? Camp NaNo starts April and they “assign” you to a virtual cabin where you can connect with people. I enjoy it as gives me a deadline and a sense of community for the month! Worth checking out. Going to check that book out also – always looking for good reads.


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