Weekly journaling – week 51

Dec 17   Nicknames and pet names I've been called.  My name isn't one that I thought could be shortened.  It is two syllables.  It wasn't until I was working that co-workers actually found a way to lob off the last syllable.  Well done ladies. Dec 18   The fictional character I most relate to. I'm not … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 51

Weekly journaling – week 48

Nov 26   A new skill I learned this week.   How to….. I don't think I learned a new skill this week.  I was busy writing for NaNo as deadline to validate was Friday.  I was also in denial that December 1st was Saturday. Nov 27   A new holiday I would like to introduce is self-awareness … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 48

Weekly journaling – week 43

October 22   Wish upon a star. That time would slow down. October 23   What I am most pedantic about.  Young people on transit sitting in seats reserved for seniors or people with a disability and NOT moving when these individuals get on the bus. October 24   Good feelings bottled up.  Being able to come home … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 43

Weekly journaling – week 42

October 15  The place I go to cheer myself up.  This would be the central library. It has great natural light as glass walls on two sides. October 16  The remedy for a stressful day: walking home after work curling up with a book for a few minutes before getting supper watching Netflix (hopefully I … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 42

Weekly journaling – week 39

Sept 24  Finding balance in my life:  Move my body this would be walking or yoga.  Relax my body is reading and also walking. Sept 25   Good feelings bottled up (someone telling me) that they value my honesty in our friendship. FYI if you are my friend don't ask me something unless you honestly want … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 39

Weekly journaling – week 38

Sept 17  The theme song I want for my life. I did it my way. Sept 18  How I relax. I usually relax with a book.  I have amazing light coming through my balcony door, so I curl up on the sofa and read. Sept 19 The random things I have fun talking about: travel … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 38

Weekly journaling – week 33

Aug 13  Who I’m cheering for this week! My friend Wanda who starts vacation this week and is heading home to visit family. Aug 14  My favorite coffee mug is a tall blue mug. It holds a good amount of coffee. I judge a mug by the handle and how comfortable it is to hold. … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 33

Weekly journaling – week 32

  Aug 6  The best things in life are free: books (I am a big library user) inspiring conversations with people who get me meditation walking Aug 7  My on-line happy place. This would be the Blogger Facebook groups I am in. They are so incredible supportive and I feel like I have found my … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 32

Weekly journaling – week 31

July 30   Proud of myself.  Taking a year off to travel, starting a blog and pushing boundaries in general. July 31  What my autobiography will be called "Have no regrets!" Aug 1   What I’d love to find on my doorstep tonight.  Chilled cocktails, a cheese plate and a variety of salads.  We are having a … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 31

Weekly journaling – week 30

July 23     A secret fantasy of mine. To be a spy like James Bond. July 24  Memories of the best birthday party I’ve ever had. We moved into a large apartment building when I started university. We were told they were cold and unfriendly. Within a few months we had a community within the building.  … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 30