Trying something new – a ritual

I'm reading Getting back to Happy by Marc & Angel Chernoff.   The summary is that smaller and larger positive changes can make us happier. One thing from the book I knew I had to share was creating a daily ritual. What I liked about this idea was that the authors were not telling us to … Continue reading Trying something new – a ritual

WOOP! You have to check it out

My sister and I are doing a free on-line course on happiness.  I have to say I have been impressed with the universities, organizations and more that have stepped up and offered free classes during this pandemic.  Well done. Thank you. In a recent class they explained WOOP and how it can help achieve goals. … Continue reading WOOP! You have to check it out

What caught my eye in the past month

It is Canada Day (July 1st) so holiday for me.  Great that it falls on a Monday this year so a three day weekend.  School finished last week so also first long weekend of the summer for everyone. Here is what caught my eye in the past month! Hope something catches your. If you follow … Continue reading What caught my eye in the past month

And the year begins…….

If you follow along you know in a recent post 2019 intentions  I am antsy about the coming year and the year after that.  I started my 2019 intentions last week. When I headed to a coffee shop with a new journal and a chocolate croissant. Coffee shop known for their croissants. Just saying. I started … Continue reading And the year begins…….

2019 Intentions

I'm not one to make new year's resolutions.  I usually set up some goals I want to accomplish during the year and of course I have my weekly "to do" lists.  Some items migrate week to week. Sigh. But 2019 has me antsy. I think it is because it is just not a new year … Continue reading 2019 Intentions

Weekly journaling prompts – week seven

February 12  What I'm aiming for this year. I am aiming to complete a few projects I have started. My word for 2018 is courage so I plan on being more courageous and seeing where that takes me. February 13  Three things I'm thankful for today. I didn't miss the bus (late leaving the house … Continue reading Weekly journaling prompts – week seven

Intentions for a new year

I am not one to set New Year Resolutions, but I do want to set intentions for the coming year. Purpose, goals, plans, objectives and targets.  All words that fall under intentions when I plug into the Thesaurus. Resolutions took on a different look. Promises, pledges, vows and oaths. I don't know about you, but resolutions … Continue reading Intentions for a new year

A different kind of monthly challenge

WOW when I started this a year ago I had a list of challenges to do and hope that I would think of a few more along the way.  Which I did and that is where loving kindness meditation came in. This is my last monthly challenge and I'm sort of sad. I enjoyed my … Continue reading A different kind of monthly challenge

A different type of to do list !

I was scrolling through Pinterest and came across the above pin from Pepper and Twine Instagram account.  I thought what I neat idea. Their Instagram has other pages worth checking out.  I thought this is a different to do list.  So, get yourself pretty colored pens, stickers and put a question or thought on the page … Continue reading A different type of to do list !

Creating your Vision Board – why you should

I am too excited to have Wanda from A Wandafulthing guest post on my blog!  She is the reason I have one!  Thank you! xo Have you ever taken a course or a class where you were a true novice? You get all excited because you are there to learn something totally new and you naively … Continue reading Creating your Vision Board – why you should