WOOP! You have to check it out

My sister and I are doing a free on-line course on happiness.  I have to say I have been impressed with the universities, organizations and more that have stepped up and offered free classes during this pandemic.  Well done. Thank you. In a recent class they explained WOOP and how it can help achieve goals. … Continue reading WOOP! You have to check it out

What do you collect?

Justine over at  the tea chest  and I were discussing collections recently.  So we thought we 'd share and hopefully encourage you to share yours.  As I'm nosy and would love to see what people collect!  Terri over at meadow tree style  joined in - you have to see what she collects! I can't remember … Continue reading What do you collect?

Creative Leap #4 – Escape Capsule

If you have been following along you know I give a creative leap or challenge on the first Wednesday of the month.  I post my response two weeks later on Wednesday - for better or worst.  Head over to  here to read more background on why I started. This month's leap is:   you have less … Continue reading Creative Leap #4 – Escape Capsule

What caught my eye in the past month

Rolling into June - not sure how I feel about it.  As the end of this month 2020 will be half over.  Hmm... something to mull . I'm trying to keep busy and complete projects to have something to show for my year. As it is happening with or without me. That said below is … Continue reading What caught my eye in the past month

Stop and reflect now

I had a post planned for today. I even had it completed in draft.  But things changed and I felt moved to write this. It is Sunday afternoon and I'm sitting on the balcony.  First time this season.  Just brought the table and chairs up from storage. The sun feels good and I know my … Continue reading Stop and reflect now

Photo Scavenger Hunt

Two weeks ago I gave myself a creative photo challenge.   Here is some background of my photo scavenger hunt.  Fast summary the first Wednesday of the month I'm giving myself a creative leap.  It could be anything from taking pictures to writing.  Come over and join me. We are still in COVID-19 social isolation so … Continue reading Photo Scavenger Hunt

Hitting a wall

We are into the two month mark since the province declared a state of emergency for COVID-19.  The majority of places  are closed except pharmacies and grocery stores.  People are working from home (not me).  Parking garage at work empty.  Social distancing and isolation.  Government  opened up parks last weekend and this weekend we can … Continue reading Hitting a wall

Creative Leap #3 – Photo scavenger hunt

Earlier this year I decided to challenge myself to creative leaps.  Find out more here.  Check Chakra Society under the menu for more creative leaps. The weather hopefully where  you are is getting warmer.  We don't have much of a spring - more like a week and into summer.  Seriously, I'm not joking.   So with … Continue reading Creative Leap #3 – Photo scavenger hunt

What caught my eye in the past month

We have rolled into another month on self isolation.   The province declared state of emergency on March 22.   Businesses, day cares, schools, theaters, libraries, restaurants and parks closed.  People working from home - some hallways at work are in the dark!  Buses are free as we enter through the back door.  A different life.  Yesterday … Continue reading What caught my eye in the past month

Gather and compose now. A Scavenger hunt

We think we have time.  I'll do it next week.  When I finish this project.  That is a retirement project. I am sure you can add more easily.  We have grand ideas to make scrapbooks of children, grandchildren and/or special events.  To gather family history.  I'll record dad when I get the chance.  Then it … Continue reading Gather and compose now. A Scavenger hunt