ABC Year follow-up

When a friend mentioned doing an ABC year in January I was in on the spot.  I love making lists, so yeah I'm in.  The "rules" are using the alphabet try, do, eat, explore, see, you get the idea, something that you have never experienced before. It has been a blast.  I'm more aware of … Continue reading ABC Year follow-up

Summer tag – bare feet anyone?

Gemma over at  Wheelescapades I were thinking about posts to do and thought “why not a summer tag?”  Just a fun post to let people get to know a bit more about me. I’m starting off by stating I’m Canadian and still live in Canada so summer is not long.  We try to squeeze a … Continue reading Summer tag – bare feet anyone?

Words – seriously they hurt. My rant!!

Not my regular blog post but I felt like I had to. I'm using "you" as it feels stronger and to me makes the point. Sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me. Remember that saying? I do when I was growing up.  The thing was I didn't grow up … Continue reading Words – seriously they hurt. My rant!!

Blog Battle – Stable

This is a continuation of a story I started a few months ago. I'm taking a page out of Fiction is Food and exploring the story through word prompts.  Head over to Blog Battle to get all the information and join in. This is prompt three for me or part three of the story. Part One … Continue reading Blog Battle – Stable

What caught my eye in the past month

It is Canada Day (July 1st) so holiday for me.  Great that it falls on a Monday this year so a three day weekend.  School finished last week so also first long weekend of the summer for everyone. Here is what caught my eye in the past month! Hope something catches your. If you follow … Continue reading What caught my eye in the past month

Weekend Coffee Share

I thought Weekend Coffee Share   would be the perfect setting to chat over what I have been up to.  Head over to  Eclectic Ali for all the details and maybe stopping for coffee also! I'm back this week from a trip to Amsterdam and a River Boat cruise with my sister.  She lives across the country … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share

5 Why Technique – decision making

I listened to a Podcast by Personality Hackers with Sir John Hargrave and he mentioned using the 5 whys technique to solve problems or make decisions. I investigated and thought this is worth sharing. By repeating the question why (5 times) after every previous answer you should get to the root cause/defect of the problem. It is … Continue reading 5 Why Technique – decision making

Simple things – Transplanting African Violets

I inherited my mother's African violets. For years she transplanted them for friends. They are all over the city. Since they are now my plants I have taken on that roll. I thought I'd share how I start new African violet plants. This does not work 100% of the time but enough times to make … Continue reading Simple things – Transplanting African Violets

A year of challenges – gratitude

Last month I didn't do well on my newspaper challenge.  I have no excuse. I just didn't pull it together. I don't get the newspaper so it was going to involve going to the library. Which I do weekly anyways. I did put a call into a neighbour but she passes her paper on to … Continue reading A year of challenges – gratitude

What caught my eye in the past month

I have to say it is fun to do a post when all I have to do is click and pin.   The following is what caught my eye in the past month! Hope something catches yours. This caught my eye how this couple created an inviting space to work and live.  Head over to Design Sponge. … Continue reading What caught my eye in the past month