What caught my eye in the past month

January was a long month and I'm someone who doesn't wish the winter away!  That said below is what caught my eye during the month. Decor always catches my eye.  Daily Dream Decor showcases a cozy small apartment. I enjoy seeing how people decorate smaller places. Along with using different items in their home. Hand Luggage … Continue reading What caught my eye in the past month

A project for meditation

I always have a few projects on the go.  For some reason I wanted something else to do while on Christmas vacation.  I had 12 days off total.  Lots of time to get stuff done already on my plate, but nope I wanted another project. I set my sights on paint-by-numbers.  Don't ask me why … Continue reading A project for meditation

Stream of Consciousness Saturday

I haven't participated in Stream of Consciousness Saturday for a while  No excuses just off the radar, but I wanted to end the month strong so here I am.  Prompt "last call".  Check Linda Hill    out for all the details. I usually look at the display for the phone number before I pick up the phone. … Continue reading Stream of Consciousness Saturday

My purpose – oh I had it already!!

Your purpose is tossed around a lot.  Finding it. Living it. What is it?  Recently I was having a conversation around purpose.  I think it often comes up during transitions in life.  Maybe parenting, retirement or just changing directions. That next or new chapter in life. The conversation around purpose got me thinking of mine.  … Continue reading My purpose – oh I had it already!!

Celebrating wins my new default

In December 2018 I did a brain dump of everything I wanted to accomplish in 2019.  I wanted to enter a new year and decade feeling strong.  That I had a handle on things moving forward and I had jettisoned everything that wasn't working for me.  That included dreams that were no longer servicing me.  … Continue reading Celebrating wins my new default

What caught my eye in the past month

During the past month I was still in Christmas mode. I treat the whole month of December as my holiday.  Events, music, crafts and whatever invites come up.  So excuse me if you find a few holidays items here! This caught my eye because in the past few years I am getting back into liking … Continue reading What caught my eye in the past month

Finally my word for 2020

I knew I wanted a word for 2020.  Something to commit to. To give me that little extra push when I start doubting myself. I ran through different words for the past week but nothing seemed to stick.  Nothing got me excited. A few years ago when I decided to use courage as my word … Continue reading Finally my word for 2020

2020 Instagram Challenge

A friend and I decided over pajamas, wine and appetizers to do a Christmas Instagram Challenge.  In December we posted a Christmas picture for 24 days.  My sister and a friend joined in.  It was great seeing pictures and such a diversity of them. So over the holidays we decided to do it again but … Continue reading 2020 Instagram Challenge

A word for 2020 and getting there

THE WORD....... A few years ago I had the word "courage" for my word of the year.  It felt right and throughout the year when I was starting a project the word would pop into my head, giving me that extra push to just do it.  Courage to finish. Courage to try. The word didn't … Continue reading A word for 2020 and getting there

A different type of holiday gift

I'm behind the eight ball this year with the holidays.   By this time I usually have figured out an easy craft I can semi-mass produce for friends.  Something to show I'm thinking of them.  This year nothing.  Seriously, I checked Pinterest and tons of great ideas, just nothing that I was running out to purchase … Continue reading A different type of holiday gift