What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

I am excited as crafts and spring ideas have been catching my eye in the past month. The days are longer. It is slowly warming up.  I think it is perfect walking weather. So let me know what you think of the following!! Domino  has a lovely home tour. I am always drawn in by … Continue reading What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

Book club The Clockmaker’s Daughter

I'm a back alley person. Where does this lead? Where will I pop out at? What will I see along the way? Okay I'm heading in. So for me this story had back alleys. Side stories to explore, characters weaved in and out giving us glimpses of the main story. Enough glimpses to push the … Continue reading Book club The Clockmaker’s Daughter

Blog Battle – Dusk

For some reason I am out of sync with my writing prompts (tired? winter? cold?) hmmm..... Regardless I'm back for Blog Battle. Check the site out for all the details and the other writers battling the word "dusk". She looked at the glass in front of her and closed her eyes. Was she ready for this?  … Continue reading Blog Battle – Dusk

The ideal coffee shop

One of my treats is heading to a coffee shop at lunch time (or anytime!).  It is a time to sit, not make conversation and do one of my favorite thing! Start a "to do" list.  I also like to head to a coffee shop when I am off during the week to work.  Write … Continue reading The ideal coffee shop

Life lessons – asking for what you need

This is a hard life lesson for me - I think this one stems back to childhood and just not feeling worthy enough.  You know, if I'm not worthy than who an I to ask for anything or receive it for that matter.  Watch your words adults! The thing with not asking for what we … Continue reading Life lessons – asking for what you need

Happy International Women’s Day

Happy International Women's Day ! I want to say since starting my blog I feel apart of a community of women (majority not all - you men are great also). There is sharing, support and encouragement in blogging.  Connecting on Facebook groups to share each other's posts and lead us to each other's sites.  All … Continue reading Happy International Women’s Day

A year of challenges – snail mail

I want to report on last month's challenge of spending less.  January and February were overall good months for me spending wise.  I kept track of every dollar spent.  January was the better (cheaper) month but only because I bought less groceries. I did have one slip up in February when I went to IKEA.  … Continue reading A year of challenges – snail mail

What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

I am having a hard time wrapping my head around March. Like, how did I get here?  We haven't had a lot of snow this winter but brutal cold temperatures. Below is what caught my eye in the past month. Hope something catches your. I thought this was neat.  Daily Dream Decor show us how to … Continue reading What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

52 List Project

A friend saw this book and immediately thought of me. I am a list person so this is right up my alley.  She also bought one for herself so we could do it together this year. Of course, as soon as I received it I was all over it. 52 weeks!! That is so not … Continue reading 52 List Project

Don’t be rigid and brittle

Changes (in life) are not only possible and predictable, but to deny them is to be an accomplice to one's own unnecessary vegetation.                                       by Gail Sheehy I am reading a daily meditation book and a few of … Continue reading Don’t be rigid and brittle