Just doing it! Checking a box

2020  has been surreal. I had high hopes for the year. Then the world went to crap and wham we're in self isolation.  I continued working during the pandemic so that routine didn't change.  It was more staying at home once I walked through the door. I enjoy my time at home. Alone.  The biggest … Continue reading Just doing it! Checking a box

Seasonal plans – summer for me

This summer the majority of us will be staying closer to home.  Summer is a short season for me (Canada) so I didn’t want to waste it with regrets and negativity about what I can’t do.  I want to focus on positives as summer is here and life is happening regardless of pandemic.  So I … Continue reading Seasonal plans – summer for me

Creative Leap – my walking map

A few months ago I decided to challenge myself to creative leaps. Nothing earth shattering. Just different ideas rolling around in my head.  I post the first Wednesday of the month my leap and post the results two weeks later. On July 1st I decided I wanted to do a map.  Check the post here.  First … Continue reading Creative Leap – my walking map

What caught my eye in the past month!

First Monday of a new month and the year now half over. WHAT!!  I enjoy these posts as nothing serious and mainly eye candy. Hope something captures your eye! I thought of my friend Wanda when I saw this apartment. It combines vintage and second-hand finds (something she loves). Head over to Apartment Therapy to check … Continue reading What caught my eye in the past month!

Weekend Coffee Share – new normal???

July 1st was Canada Day.  A Wednesday so not a long weekend unless you took vacation days. Which I did for Thursday and Friday.  I didn't use up all last year's vacation due to COVID-19 and April started a new vacation year so have days to play with.  I know that is a privilege that … Continue reading Weekend Coffee Share – new normal???

Creative Leap – Your Map

Grab a piece of paper and draw a map of some aspect of your everyday life.  Maybe it is your route to work.  Or your route to get ready in the morning.  What about a map of meal prep?  How many times to you open the fridge getting supper ready? Is your map a series … Continue reading Creative Leap – Your Map

What I do isn’t going to make a difference……this is a rant

I had to shake my head recently when I heard someone I respect say "what I do isn't going to make a difference."    The issue would have meant spending more time and energy on the alternative. The alternative would have been better for the environment.  But no, it required more time and energy than … Continue reading What I do isn’t going to make a difference……this is a rant

Creative Leap – My Escape Capsule or well carry-on!

Two weeks ago I challenged myself to write what I would take if I had 12 hours to get out of the house and not come back.  Check this  link  to read the creative leap challenge. I have been travelling for a few years with a carry-on.  So clothes wise I’m pretty good at getting … Continue reading Creative Leap – My Escape Capsule or well carry-on!

WOOP! You have to check it out

My sister and I are doing a free on-line course on happiness.  I have to say I have been impressed with the universities, organizations and more that have stepped up and offered free classes during this pandemic.  Well done. Thank you. In a recent class they explained WOOP and how it can help achieve goals. … Continue reading WOOP! You have to check it out

What do you collect?

Justine over at  the tea chest  and I were discussing collections recently.  So we thought we 'd share and hopefully encourage you to share yours.  As I'm nosy and would love to see what people collect!  Terri over at meadow tree style  joined in - you have to see what she collects! I can't remember … Continue reading What do you collect?