2019 Intentions

I'm not one to make new year's resolutions.  I usually set up some goals I want to accomplish during the year and of course I have my weekly "to do" lists.  Some items migrate week to week. Sigh. But 2019 has me antsy. I think it is because it is just not a new year … Continue reading 2019 Intentions

Weekly journaling – week 49

  Dec 3   The donut of my dreams (glaze and toppings). A Boston cream. I like the custard inside with the chocolate on the top. Dec 4  6 things I love about myself: My curiosity Being happy being alone That I can still run for the bus Low maintenance hair (or maybe I don't care.) … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 49

Holiday Wish List or at least mine!!

What better way to get to know someone than to check out their wish list! With the holidays coming up fast I'd thought I'd show you mine.  Remember this is a wish list - stressing the wish part of the sentence. But wishes are free so..... Mini Succulents  I'm having a thing for them right … Continue reading Holiday Wish List or at least mine!!

Weekly journaling – week 48

Nov 26   A new skill I learned this week.   How to….. I don't think I learned a new skill this week.  I was busy writing for NaNo as deadline to validate was Friday.  I was also in denial that December 1st was Saturday. Nov 27   A new holiday I would like to introduce is self-awareness … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 48

What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

I've been busy the past month doing NaNo. It is a world-wide event where we are challenged to write 50,000 words in the month of November. Needless to say I've been a bit busy.....writing. Regardless this is what caught my eye!  This is the last favorites post for 2018. Hope everyone has a lovely holiday … Continue reading What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

Weekly journaling – week 47

Nov 19   My special collection on.  Of course this would be books. I have two bookcases in my bedroom. Besides books I have one shelf of angels I have collected over the years. Nov 20   A little gift for myself. This would be to head to a coffee shop and sit and write. Oh and … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 47

Blog Battle – Educate

I am coming under the wire for Blog Battle. Head over to get all the details and check out other battlers!! I'm doing NaNo this month which has been a bit time-consuming. So I decided to flush my character's thoughts over education for Blog Battle. The things you took for granted and never thought twice about. It was a … Continue reading Blog Battle – Educate

Adjustment versus Compromise

Adjustment / Compromise.  Same thing? At the end of the day will I feel the same way if I "compromise" compared to if I "adjust"? Words are powerful. Compromises often imply we are losing something or settling. I have goals, ideas and dreams I want to pursue. Life happens and things change. I change. I … Continue reading Adjustment versus Compromise

Weekly journaling – week 46

Nov 12  Three things I'm thankful for today: It is a holiday Monday for me so didn't have to set the alarm last night Caught up with some housework Unexpected supper with a friend Nov 13  A big decision I’m trying to make. What my head is telling me is to explore it further. What … Continue reading Weekly journaling – week 46

Simple Things – easy headbands

I enjoy doing crafts. I'm not great at it, but there is something about using my hands and creating that brings me joy. I think it is getting into the flow or moment and nothing else matter. I grew up with a mother who could turn her hand at ANYTHING. Seriously. There was always yarn, … Continue reading Simple Things – easy headbands