What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

Unbelievable we are starting another year!  I started doing my favorites from the past month last year and now I am cruising into year two. Hope everyone had a wonderful holiday and Happy New Year.

Here goes what caught my eye last month during the holiday rush!


There is something about the clean lines and no fuss that draws me in.  My chic adventure has beautiful photos of Scandinavian design.

This interested me as vinegar has so many uses.  My Domaine has a list.  One of my uses (not on the list) is cleaning my winter boots of salt.

One Table With Three Different Looks

Over at Thistlewood Farms we have one table and three different looks. Just the difference paint can make caught my eye.

This apartment caught my eye over books, alcoves and the bar chart. It is warm and girly in places. Head over to The Every Girl blog to check out the whole apartment. Let me know what you think.

The Art Of Doing Stuff was the first blog I started following. Karen is funny and has a twist on life.  This post is on you are never to old to learn – unless your dead. I think it is worth a read as it might challenge your idea of aging!

Now I know there is a Christmas tree in the picture but it is the rope basket I want you to focus on.  I think it is versatile for a lot of things (not holiday related!) and the post is a DIY on it.  A Beautifulmess has all the details.

Inspirational And Motivational Quotes - Big Gallery

I thought this quote was appropriate as we start a new year and new chapter.

You can always start now!






44 thoughts on “What caught my eye – favorites from the past month

    • Amelia says:

      Interior design is my go to eye candy I have to say. Pretty, creative and enjoy seeing individual’s put their stamp on their homes. I always enjoy a good quote so thought I’d start ending with one! Have a board on Pinterest of just quotes!


    • Amelia says:

      Oh that sounds lovely. I love black and white also. Clean, crip – just something about it. Have you done a post on this and I missed it? Just the process to get there would be worth reading. Thanks for stopping by.


    • Amelia says:

      Canadian here so salt can be a problem on sidewalks for us. I enjoy the favourite posts as makes me pop into different blogs, Bloglovin and slow down a bit. Thanks for stopping by.


  1. Losing the Plot says:

    I can see why these appealed to you. The clean lines and colour scheme is very calming. I was a bit envious though – to begin with I thought this was your apartment 😁


  2. Snuffy says:

    Oh, I love the book stacking decoration! I have several bookcases I need to get rid of and this would be a fun way to store the books I’ll be keeping. And that quote is soooooo true. I am going to have to remember the vinegar boot/salt thing, I though I knew a lot about vinegar uses but that one is new to me. 🙂


  3. Carol says:

    I also love the rope basket and the vanity table is beautiful …I use vinegar to clean windoes but didn’t think to use it to clean my steam iron or get off scorch marks some great tips 🙂


    • Amelia says:

      Yes the rope basket is great. I use (diluted) vinegar to clean shower and have used to clean my windows also. A neighbour told me to use an onion in water to clean windows for no streaking.


      • Carol says:

        I know Amelia…If anything has more 3/4 ingredients I steer clear…I am using a wonderful cleaner at the moment and I don’t have to wear gloves even when cleaning the oven ..it is odourless..just a powder mixed with tap water and it is amazing…I was given it to test and when told what it cleaned I used it thinking yeah, yeah been there got the tee shirt so DON’T b***s*** me…AND I was wrong it worked! Amazing stuff…:) Carol 🙂


      • Amelia says:

        You have to let me know what the powder is! Odourless would be great – other stuff you practically have to leave the house once you put it on. Wet and wind day here can hear the wind howling outside!!


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