January Challenge – Canvass


Last month Wanda over at A Wandafulthing and I decided to do something different for 2016 so we challenged ourselves to do a craft a month.   You are all invited to join in on the third Monday of the month for the previous months reveal and the next months challenge.  We would love to see your results from the monthly challenges so post pictures or email me and I’ll post them. Picture above is my dining room table with some ideas for the canvass challenge.

I am going to put it out there that I enjoy doing crafts and pretty well anything with my hands BUT I am not that talented.  I enjoy the journey/time spent working on a project.  The quiet, creativity and just being present.  If it brings you joy while creating, reading, exploring, the end result isn’t always the main thing or the final destination.    The journey there is often just or more important – especially if growth has occurred.

Enough said so my reveal – hope you and Wanda are ready……      


Abstract piece of art.  I like blue, duh, and had the plaid tape.  Used mug for the larger circle.  Canvass I had, but originally bought at Dollar Store.

The following beautiful piece is Wanda’s canvass challenge.  To find out more check out her out over at A Wandafulthing

Canvas art January monthly challenge

Now onto the February challenge…….puzzle pieces.  Make something using them.  As long as they are part of the item it is all good.  I’ll post my result the third Monday of February.  Have fun!






5 thoughts on “January Challenge – Canvass

  1. Wanda Mulley says:

    I like your canvas art – did this post today? Don’t forget to link it up….I dug out my canvas last night and will work on it later this week.


  2. Anika says:

    Hi ! Found you through the blogging boost facebook group.
    I love the idea of the challenge and would love to take part in it! Do you do a link party type of thing?
    How about I post my project on my blog and link to you? Does that work?


    1. Amelia says:

      Thanks for checking post out. This linking is all new to me – enjoying the learning experience and where blogging is taking me. Making me more creative in other areas. Yes please post project on your blog and link and I’ll do that same would love to see your project. So puzzle pieces next!!


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